Deleting multiple GPS trails all at once
Is there any way to do this in Streets & Trips? I love that I can delete multiple pushpins now, but where I've used "Create GPS trail" for multiple streets I'd like to be able to delete them all at the same time. Thanks!
Nice suggestion. I don't think there is a way to delete all GPS trails you've created at the same time.
Marvin Hlavac
I suspect the question referred to pre-2010 versions. I don't see a way to delete GPS Trails in Streets & Trips 2010, unless I'm overlooking something.
Yes, GPS trails in the 2010 versions of Streets & Trips and AutoRoute seem to be indelible; you cannot edit, move, or delete them the way you could in the past. I prefer the old flexibility.
Spadeslush said:

I prefer the old flexibility
Why not adding this to the S&T wish list...
I have whined about this on the forum before, but I have now added to Wishlist as you suggest, MisterMoonlight.
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