SEJAT SJ-5210 USB GPS receiver with SiRFstarIII
I was looking for a cheap GPS receiver to play around on my laptop. While the lack of Bluetooth capability has caused me to get creative in using this with my PDA/Phone. So I decide to get a USB GPS Receiver for my laptop.

As for the capabilities of the receiver, this thing is amazing. It works great in my house (on the top floor with several windows). When I'm outside or driving in my car, this device consistently picks up satellites in less than a minute.

This thing is perfect if you are a general techno geek like me that wants to play around with GPS on your PC, laptop PDA and Smartphones. It is cheap and uses the latest SiRF Star III chipset.

This device also works perfectly in Google Earth. There are other free programs out there to bridge the receiver with the free version of Google Earth.Combined with my cell phone as a modem, I can drive around in my car with my location displayed in real-time in Google Earth. Very cool for road trips!

This unit is much more sensitive than alot of other receivers. It generally works near a window in airplanes and can always find quickly enough satellites for a fix on the dashboard of my car.

Before purchasing this item, I read all the reviews I could find ,and decided to give a try although it is a new product just came out .It sounded like exactly what I wanted. I received it quickly, installed the drivers and then plugged it into the windows laptop sitting on the desk on the first floor of my two story house, slight pause and the gps registered the location on satelites! We took it on a test trip and it accurately registered our speed on the road. I am totally pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

If you want a good WAAS enabled GPS reciever for a laptop, this is it. Widows Vista recognised it and set it up automatically.As long as it isn't mounted directly to the laptop, the signal strength is excellent. The brand and website are not printed on the product, so if you forget who makes it in the future, be sure to remember where you bought it.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi jusbulk,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

I never heard of SEJAT SJ-5210 before

It is cheap...
It is about $10 less expensive than the very popular GlobalSat BU-353.

...and uses the latest SiRF Star III chipset.
SirfStarIII has been around for over 5 years. It is definitely not the latest chip used in GPS receivers. Nevertheless, SiRFstarIII is still a very good performer.

This unit is much more sensitive than alot of other receivers.
It may appear like that to a user, but without actually doing a side-by-side comparison(s), user's first impressions may not necessarily tell the whole story.

Before purchasing this item, I read all the reviews I could find
I've searched, but the only reviews of this unit I can find are reviews posted by you at various sites. In fact, based on what I've read, it appears that you yourself sell this new and unknown USB GPS receiver.

If you want a good WAAS enabled GPS receiver for a laptop, this is it.
While WAAS is often an item emphasized in sales advertisements, this feature is of 0 (zero) benefit to people using a GPS receiver for in-car navigation.
I bet that leaves a mark
Great investigative reporting there!!

I have a Microsoft branded Pharos GPS puck with the SiRFstarIII chipset which I use in my boat to mark structure and fishing spots. It's very accurate, it locks fast and it stays locked. It puts me right back on the same spot within a meter everytime

I don't leave home without it ....
I received a SJ-5210 for Christmas. I am having trouble getting it to work on any of my computers running Windows XP desktop or my laptop running Vista. Issue is followed drivers loaded found coms port set that not sure about Baudrate 4800 appears to be the only setting on the current computer that gives the same scrolling data shown in the instructions. I push the connect button then the Rom APS button, I get the message download EPH dat. start then connect to FTP server sucessful then it just sits there scrolling no progress on the progress bar or final message that set ephemeris successful. I have Internet connetion when doing this. Can any one please help.
Normally, you wouldn't have to do any of that. What navigation software are you trying to use it with?

nRroute, it does not see the device, after doing auto detect it checks all the com ports and then say cannot find GPS device make sure it is connected.
After your subjection that I should not have to do that I have plugged it in to my computer opened nRoute. It says it is looking for a GPS. It knows when I plug and unplug the device as it says com port 5 not available if it is unplugged. nRoute has not found the device yet, i will leave it turned on and see what happens.
I see one of the reason it may not connect is it needs to be set to Garmin or host mode. Is it possible the SJ-5210 is not compatible with nRoute?
Garmin nRoute requires a special data type. What you can do is download a copy of GPS Gate. Install it and let it find your SJ-5210 and it will provide the data type nRoute requires on a specified COM port.

Thanks a lot Terry, running now and works great.

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