GPS in real estate sites like Realtytrac, Trulia, or Google maps?
Is there a way to use GPS to show my position while using the mapping features of popular real estate sites like Realtytrac, Trulia, or Google maps with the real estate option enabled? I would find this handy while driving around looking at homes.

I tried the Google maps with GPS tracker, but it does not allow me to show the realestate option.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Doug Danielson
I solved my own problem using the My Location feature of Google Maps. If you use the Chrome browser, this is built in, or you can download google Gears to IE and add the function. When I tried it with IE, gears really slowed down IE so I uninstalled it and just use Chrome when I want the My Location feature.

In chrome, bring up google maps and look in the top left corner. Located between the pan and zoom icons will be the white button my location button. Click it and give it permission and it will put a blue dot on the map to show your location.

It gets the loc from a GPS receiver if present (thats what i use in my car). It also manages to figure out a location from your IP address if there is no GPS present, but that loc was within about 1 mile when I tested it.

I am surprised that no one on the forum mentioned it and that when I searched the forum I saw no description of the Google Maps My Location feature. It should be a great help to lots of you.

Good luck,

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Doug,

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I'm not familiar with the real estate sites you mentioned, but we've had several sales people here who've mentioned how they've used mapping software in their line of work. Here's one interesting topic: About