Why Microsoft only transfers/exports route stops.
Ken in Regina
Streets&Trips 2010 has the ability to transfer routes to Garmin GPS units and also to export GPX files. There has been some discussion about the fact that Microsoft doesn't bother to export or transfer all the routing details and only includes the stops.

Garmin devices won't use the routing details even if you export them!!

I was talking with a guy over on Geocaching.com as we did some testing to compare routing behaviour of Mapsource and a couple of different Garmin units. During the testing we had tried to force a route by transfering it from Mapsource to the units and it wouldn't work.

No matter what we did, the units always recalculated the route the first time we tried to use it. Always.

We tested with Mobile PC, Mobile XT on a Palm, eTrex Legend HCx, Oregon, and couple of different Nuvi models. In all cases, even though the route file transfered from Mapsource contained all of the routing details, the units never even tried to use them. They always recalculated the route fresh.

So there's no point in Streets&Trips transferring information that the Garmin units won't use.

Just thought you would like to know.

In another thread we found that you could provide route settings in MapSource that aren't available to Mobile PC or the Nuvis. Also, the receiving device would have no way of knowing the veracity or age of the map data on the sending device. Just recalculating in every case may have been thought to be a prudent approach.

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