2 in 1: GPS Receiver + Travel Mouse
Marvin Hlavac
Deluo Laptop MouseGPS

Deluo introduces its Deluo MouseGPS. Innovative hybrid design marries an optical laptop USB mouse with an integrated GPS.

GPS Receiver:
GPS chipset Atmel ATR0635 (ANTARIS 4) with SuperSense®
Baud Rate 4800bps
Output protocol NMEA-0183 (GLL, GGA, RMC, VTG, GSA, GSV)
Satellite Tracking 16 Parallel Channels
  • Tracking: -158 dBm
  • Acquisition: -142 dBm
  • Positioning System: WGS-84
Computer Mouse:
Retractable USB cord
Optical scrolling
No mouse pad necessary
Marvin Hlavac
A year and a half later... Deluo is selling this interesting GPS/computer mouse cobination unit for only $29.95. Till quantities last, you may even ask for a free GPS mapping / trip planning software for your laptop. It seems Deluo has some (very) old stock of Microsoft software. Get a free 2005(!) version of Microsoft Streets & Trips, or 2005(!) version of Microsoft AutoRoute.
Nice application, but a bluetooth mouse-gps receiver would be ideal at the tme. All notebooks have bluetooth right now
Marvin Hlavac
argotera, not all notebooks have Bluetooth, but even if one doesn't, a tiny USB/Bluetooth dongle can be purchased for around $10 these days, so that's not a big issue. I definitely agree with you, a Buetooth mouse/GPS combo would be much more attractive than a wired one. I haven't used a wired computer mouse in many years, and I cannot see myself buying one now. However, a Bluetooth mouse/GPS could attract my attention to a point of buying one, just so I could have a spare GPS unit with me at all times. But I would only consider a purchase if the computer mouse itself was a decent one.
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