Bad NMEA implementation in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
There is a com port, it's listed in the Registry but it's just not listed in the Device Manager. Most GPS mapping programs don't seem to care if it's listed in the Device Manager as long as it is listed in the Registry. Apparantly S&T is looking for both, it seems to use the Registry to find the port but looks to the Device Manager when it hooks up. That probably wasn't a problem a few years ago when every computer had a real serial port but those days are long gone and serial ports are now all virtualized
Sounds like S&T has problems with the implementation of NMEA, not the COM port. I am surprised GPS Gate could not resolve that for you. However, I agree that S&T does not fit into your boating experience. I thought you would be using Garmin nRoute.

However, it is not helpful to acuse Microsoft of nefarious and clumsy work just because you experience an issue between their product and your hardware.

I use OziExplorer for most things as I make most of my own maps, Fugawi Marine for IENC maps (Inland Electronic Navigation Charts) of the Mississippi and Dr Depth (As well as OziExplorer) for mapping depths. In addition to the NMEA GPS stream I also have NMEA depth sentences streamed from my Garmin 300C fishfinder on another serial port. Dr Depth is especially cool as it can make 3D maps of the bottom which has really helped finding interesting bottom structure and which hold fish and which don't. I can also see how certain structure changes from year to year or after a major rain event and flood.

Currently I'm adapting a netbook to be a touch screen tablet style mainly for my boat but it could also be used in a vehicle very easily. Since it will be a Tablet PC style it won't take up as much space. If you follow my blog on the netbook conversion in a couple of weeks or so you'll be able to see what I mean,

Netbook To Chartplotter Project
Although I live by a large body of water, its purpose is to ensure the weather does not deviate to extremes. I am not a boat-friendly person.

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by tcassidy
Although I live by a large body of water, its purpose is to ensure the weather does not deviate to extremes. I am not a boat-friendly person.
That's an excellent use of the Pacific Ocean, Terry. Too bad I can't convince my wife that living by a very large body of water would be a desirable thing. She thinks this dry, flat prairie dirt is the only place on the planet worth living.

Hi longjohn119,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have a question and a request.

Have you installed S&T 2010 and seen the same behavior?
Are you able to record the NMEA txt output and attach the file to your post so it can be examined?

Well I could but unfortunatley not right now, The unit is partially disassembled to install a touch screen kit and embed a bluetooth transceiver and a wireless mouse receiver and possibly several other mods depending on space available. It's going to be a couple of weeks or more before I get it all back together

I appreciate the offer though. There is some sort of incompatibility with the Gobi 1000 module which haven't been out there all that long and I just happen to be the poor sucker that came across it first

That's just Life on the Cutting Edge I guess
My guess it will work with any version 2007+. There was a COM port issue that was fixed in 2007.

Whenever you get the chance - download the free trial of S&T 2010 and give it a go. I'd like to know if works as expected with a newer version.
I am having a similar problem.....Windows 7 using Franson GPSgate with a virtual com port. If I unplug my puck Streets & Trips 2010 automatically changes from the virtual com port to the actual comport preventing Franson from using the actual comport. Is there anyway to prevent S&T from automatically changing its comport settings? Is the comport selection stored in the registry?
I don't think this has anything to do with S&T as it does not automatically change COM ports. The problem may be related to the USB GPS not resetting properly after a disconnect. Then GPS Gate cannot find the GPS when it is plugged in again.

Instead of Fransom try using Xport and see if you have the same problem. When I was using the Pharos GPS puck that came with S&T I had really good luck with it. The only advantage of the Franson program is if you are using a Garmin device that doesn't output NMEA and you need to convert the Garmin protocol to NMEA protocol

Best of all it's free. XPort

Another program that I currently use but is a little more technical to set up is Eterlogic Virtual Serial Ports Emulator which is also free for the 32 bit version. It does several types of serial port emulation but splitter is the only one you'd most likely need. Cool thing about it is all your outputs have the same Com number, if you set it to output Com1 then all your GPS mapping program use Com1 and it allows up to 8 program to hook to that com port
Eterlogic - VSPE: tool for serial ports emulation
I have a problem with Microsoft Streets and Trips, too. When I use Franson GPS Gate via Virtual port, the Streets & Trips with recognize when you scan it. But when you connect it, the connection will be lost.

I have the following string

Where did those strings come from?
They don't look like typical NMEA sentences. NMEA sentences all start with $GP and would look something like this:

I wonder if your GPS is in Sirf mode and needs to be reset. What GPS device is it?

Those are correct NMEA Sequence. SeaClear and GeoNav and even Franson GPS Gate can recognize it and can plot the coordinates accurately. Microsoft Street cant read it.
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