Can I add POIs to my 'Nearby Places'?
Is there a way to add additional categories of 'Nearby Places' (POIs) to the Microsoft Streets and Trips database? I can import as 'pushpins' but then I have to save that map, with the pushpins, as a separate .est file and load it when I want to see those points. I'd like to be able to select that added file of points just like I can other categories that can be selected when finding 'Nearby Places", the same way I do on my dashboard GPS. Is there any way to do this, add POIs as a selectable option and not as Pushpins?
Ken in Regina
It's not exactly what you're looking for, but you can load the pushpin set(s) that contain the "POIs" and save the map as a template. Then use that as your normal template for startup. The POI pushpins will always be there when you need them.

Thanks for the reply. As you noted, that's not the solution I'm looking for. Essentially I want to add additional Nearby Places. That way I can turn them on or off as needed while staying in the same map file/display. Like I would if selecting a category or class of POIs on a GPS unit.
Maybe someone knows which files, where, and file format that is used by S&T to store the supplied data and how it could be edited?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi starwagen,

That way I can turn them on or off as needed while staying in the same map file/display.
If you are using an older version, you may consider switching to Streets and Trips 2010 because of the new Show/Hide Pushpins feature.
Got to go check that out in 2010, just downloaded it today but had missed that. Thanks
Marvin Hlavac
That feature should help. Actually I'd go as far as saying that without the new Show/Hide Pushpins and the new Show/Hide Information Balloons, the work with pushpins used to be impractical for some (many?) users. The 2010 version changes this.

There are some screen shots and description of this in the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 review.
RE: Hiding pushpins in 2010
Yeah, although not ideal that will work. I can load all the POI files I want to add, save as a template or as my "mater map" or some such and turn on the pushpins I want when needed. Thanks.
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