I can't get Streets & Trips to turn right out of my driveway
Steven B
From my home address for the sake of brevity, I take a right out of my drive to head to the main road. You can also go left, but it is not one that I prefer with a motorhome. I can't get Microsoft Streets and Trips to go right out of my drive. When I try to draw the detour for the road to the left, it says its my home address. NOT. The only way I can make it go right is to remove my home address and put a pushpin down the road to the right of my home at an intersection. Any suggestions.
Did you draw an avoid area on the offending road? S&T does have an issue with a stop being the closest intersection which is probably why it can't discern your address from the intersection unless you move it closer to a different one.


I'd put a push pin down the road to the right a bit, and label it REM "Right Exit Motorhome"

When you plan your route, "find" REM and add it as your first stop. That will force S&T to route you that way.
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