Speech engine issue, no voice comands from Streets & Trips
Keep in mind this is my second computer, a laptop I brought back to life with a new hard drive and more RAM.

Ok, when I open the speech window on the control panel, Microsoft Anna works just fine.

But when I went for a drive with Streets and Trips 2010 last night, I did not receive any voice commands on where to turn and such like I did on my new laptop...

Any ideas what my issue is?

Did you try F7 to unmute the program?

hmmm, cant say i tried that... lol, just got it for christmas, so Im still learning. I'll try it.


Marvin Hlavac
Ken, make sure a route is plotted, and the "Provide navigation" option in GPS task pane is enabled. Then, if you still don't hear the voice directions prompts (while driving), press F7 as Terry suggested.

If you are testing at home (not in your car), you may not hear any voice prompts from your Streets & Trips, even if everything is set up correctly.
Thank you sir.
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