Garmin nRoute doesn't see Gpsmap 292 via GpsGate
Hello all. I have been trying to use nRoute version 2.7.6 with my Gpsmap 292, but no luck. The GPS is connected via serial to my laptop, and I'm using GpsGate to communicate. Garmin nRoute finds the GPS, but it doesn't show me the map. It is installed, I can se it in the left corner, gps kort iceland 2009. Also it is always looking for satellites.

If anyone could help, it would be great.
Ken in Regina
Have you been using this GPS receiver (chartplotter) by itself for navigation or is it new and never been used yet?

Are you trying to do this inside or outside? As far north as you are, you will need to be outside for the best chance of the GPS receiver being able to see the GPS satellites. They will be south of you and many will be near the horizon. If you have never had a location lock with the receiver or are inside where it can't get one, you will not have any success displaying the map.

If the last location on the GPS was not anywhere near Iceland, nRoute cannot display the Iceland maps because it will default to somewhere in the United States, which will be blank if you do not have any USA maps loaded.

If the last GPS lock was a long way from where you are or if it has been a long time since the GPS has had a location lock, it will be doing a "cold start". This sometimes takes a long time. Sometimes as much as twenty minutes or more, even with a good view of the sky. With a poor view of the sky it might never get a lock when it's trying to do a "cold start".

Thanks Ken u where right about this i had to go outside to get better signal
so it would show me the map for the first time.

But also I called the Garmin support center here home and they told me that
I could forget about trying to use nRoute i could never get it to work.
But i have been reading here on this forum and its a life saver.

thanks alot.
Ken in Regina
I'm glad it's working.

Now if someone would pay us at least as much as those overpaid Garmin support techs.... Hey Marvin, we need a raise!!!

Marvin Hlavac
OK, Ken, is a 40% raise acceptable? (40% x $0 still equals zero )
Ken in Regina
Sounds good. Why don't you give yourself one while you're at it. Pretend you're a politician who just told everyone else they need to tighten their belts and you're setting the example.

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