Which PC GPS software can optimize routes with 50 addresses?
I hope my problem is not too big for the person who can understand exactly what I need to get from some kind of GPS that is maybe not invented (software) yet? If there exisists any specialist for GPS needs, and he is very familiar with, he could know what software I need. This one will do very good for similar businesses as Courier is, or Taxi or any Goods Selling by the preordered list of addresses, or anything that needs at least 50 addresses to attend by the shortest distance one after another.

If that one (GPS)/(Software) doesn't exists, the person who can make a new software for GPS, could make very big money launching this one. It could make very big and most essencial tool for businesses like this.

Let's say, first thing in a morning to insert a list of 50 addresses in the GPS, and let the GPS to lead you thru the list starting from the nearest one to you and all the way to the last one which is farthest one. And after the address attended to have an option to make a note for this particular address.

I think it is very simple. Is there any software or GPS unit invented yet or have something similar? Thanks a lot for your time and efforts to help.

Regards, Nik.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Nik,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

Where are you located? Which part of the world do you need this for?
Ken in Regina
Hello Nik,

I will wait with Marvin until we know what part of the world you need the software for. The best programs to do what you want do not have detail maps for all parts of the world.

There are navigation programs that will do what you want. But there is one other important feature that you will also need. If you are going to load 50 addresses in the morning before you start out, you should look for a program that will let you load them in bulk from a spreadsheet or text file rather than having to type them in directly.

Some programs that will optimize a complicated route with many addresses do not have a simple way to enter a large list of addresses. If you have a list of addresses that does not change very much, that is not a problem. If the list contains many new addresses every day so you have to always add many new ones, you want the easiest way to get them into the program. That might be bulk loading rather than entry through the program's user interface.

First of all I would like to thank you all who are in a mood to help. So, I am at this moment in Auckland, New Zealand, but need this software for my laptop HP Compaq 615 as I am moving next year to Melbourne Australia, where I would like to use it. Or if is there any GPS Unit which is capable to do all aspects I need for.
Thanks to all. My Best. Nik.
Sounds like a job for Odyssey Navigator. There is a button for best fit which sounds like a route rearrangement thing. I don't know if it can do 50 points though.

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As Terry has suggested Odyssey Navigator will allow an unlimited number of 'waypoints' however only the first 20 will have numbered icons, the rest will have un-numbered icons.

You can enter all the destinations (waypoints) then sort them in the most efficient manner. We already have Taxi's and Couriers using the software in Melbourne with great success.

We have just released the latest version with 2009Q2 maps for both New Zealand and Australia.


Ken in Regina
Hi Mal,

Is there an easy way to get a large list of addresses into Odyssey Navigator? Can it import a GPX or CSV file?

Hi Ken,
No easy way I am afraid. You can manually create an itinerary file, however you need to know the coords first. The file format is;

14950420\-3257886\5\ERUDGERE\NEW SOUTH WALES\
14947082\-3259232\6\HILL END RD\ERUDGERE\
15084256\-3402104\7\ESSEX ST\MINTO\\33

Where fields are;
Long \ Lat \ Loctype \ Place1 || Long \ Place2 || Lat [\\Number | Cross]

Main Location types are;
5 = City Centre
6 = Street Centre
7 = House/Street Number
8 = Intersection
9 = Coords

File is Unicode. If manually created it is placed in the itinerary folder with a file extension of ".itn"

The "itinerary.dir" file must also be updated to contain your itin file names;
For example if you had 2 itin files, called "my.itn" and "my2.itn" then the itinerary.dir file would contain;



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