Dog tracking system with Garmin Mobile PC and Garmin Astro 220
Hi. This is my first post, but I read this website frequently and I don't find any solution for my question.

A friend has a Garmin Astro 220 and dc30 collar. Basically he would like to track them on Garmin Mobile PC with Astro 220 connected via USB. He can get the receiver's location to show in this GPS program but can't figure out a way to have live data from collars show up on maps. he can manually import into something like MapSource and see where they are, but he want to know if is possible to update their location in Garmin Mobile PC at real time.

Thanks, from Spain.
The dc30 collar communicates with the Astro 220 handheld via MURS (Multi Use Radio Service) radio. You would need some method of receiving and decoding this signal in real time to use it with any laptop navigation program. I doubt the 220 would provide the information via any of its external connections.

Thanks, I will look for it.
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