Streets and Trips 2008 to 2010 upgrade
Gordon Kerr
Haven't been on forums for a while. All the best in 2010

Is there an upgrade to Streets & Trips 2010, or do you have to purchase the new version?

I still wish I could import my back country maps to S&T - AND - Google Earth. Am I asking for too much?

I can use the maps w/ GE. Now I can fade them in/out - but still have problem w/ locator and tracks using Pharos antenna.
Ken in Regina
There is no way to import maps into Streets&Trips.

Are they real maps or are they just track files? You can import GPX files into Streets&Trips 2010.

What are you using to get your Pharos receiver working with Google Earth?

I never had any success trying to use my GPS receivers directly with Google Earth. So I use GooPS. Others use Earthbridge. Both make it really simple to get your receiver to work with Google Earth.

Gordon Kerr
Thanks for quick response - sorry for slow reply.

The maps I use are Geo referenced for use w/ GE from www.backroadmapbooks.com
They can be faded in/out as layers - works great! I got into laptop GPS because it was such a chore to use their printed maps and a handheld GPS constantly interpolating lats & longs to verify my location on some obscure logging roads.

I do not know anything about GPX files - but did download a file conversion program,
but not knowing what to do with it - did nothing more. I am completely self taught and do not know anyone who is interested in GPS - so struggle along. I probably do not use it enough - use or lose!

On rare occaision my Pharos has worked w/ GE - showing a Blue position and a feint Lt. Purple track. It kicks out after a while though- ( maybe I should turn off WiFi? - will GE stay running in cache? I did contact support@pharosgps.com and they sent me driver downloads (32 & 64 bit) which I downloaded, but I still couldn't make work (or know how to work?) If you want them let me know at gnjkerr@shaw.ca and I'll forward them.
Time is the big killer - I'm retired and have no time and too much technology!
? 2008 to 2010 S&T - Updates or do I have to buy new one?
Ken in Regina
Hi Gordon,

The reason I asked if it was maps or tracks and mentioned GPX file import is that many people confuse displaying tracks with actual map overlays (e.g. they'll say they're displaying a map when what they're really doing is looking at a track file.) Since you are using real maps, the GPX import is not helpful. It would allow you to import tracks. Not what you need.

So, my original statement stands; Streets&Trips won't import/display any maps other than the ones it comes preloaded with.

Your experience with the Pharos receiver sounds like you are a prime candidate for GooPS or Earthbridge. If the Pharos receiver works consistently and properly with Streets&Trips, you don't have a driver problem.

Google Earth's GPS receiver interface ..... sucks ... not to put too fine a point on it. That's why GooPS and Earthbridge exist in the first place.

Google Earth will work out of the cache indefinitely ... as long as you remain inside the area that is cached. If your map layers cover more than what's in the cache, it's possible you might even be able to use it beyond what's covered in the cache. I've never tried it because GE has nothing to display once you travel beyond the edge of what's stored in the cache (unless you have a data connection, which I'm way too cheap to pay for .. I'm retired, too).

The update from Streets&Trips 2008 to 2010 is the new version. That is, Microsoft never releases updates for Streets&Trips. Each new version updates the maps and the program.

The plus to this approach is that the price to buy the brand new version with updated maps and program is that it's still cheaper than, say, Garmin sells just their map updates for Mobile PC. In fact, for the price of a Garmin map update you can get a complete new version of Streets&Trips with GPS receiver!

The minus to this approach is that Microsoft does not pay a lot of attention to backwards compatibility with saved maps and templates from older versions. So, one is well-advised to keep their older version installed and make backup copies of saved maps and templates until they have established that the information can be migrated properly into the new version. Or not.

Gordon Kerr
Thanks Ken

In GE - would going to Tools/Options/Cache and changing the memory and disc caches up help keep within the area you want?

Re: Goops - Are you using the Plus as it will run for 30-40hrs vs. 10mins in free download? What is the cost of Goops? - they (almost always) conveniently do not display the prices until you actually order -{ supposedly 'Marketing' }

Uninstalled ALL of my GE stuff (after hard drive crash [ but recovery of most of the data ] through my ignorance of how to 'use' a computer. I now realise that I know to run a computer, but I not how to use one!

Now trying to remember how to reload the maps.

I live in Penticton and if you GE the surrounding mountains you will see all the logging roads and lakes that are accessible and I have spent many days in most of the immediate areas and really want to get this setup going so I can navigate more effectively.

Gordon Kerr
Ken in Regina
Ooops, it has been some time since I used GooPS. When I downloaded it there was no Plus version of it. I guess they were still dabbling to see if they had a market. So I have no idea what the cost is. Sorry.

The alternative, Earthbridge, has received favorable comments for the same purpose. It's "donationware". Free to use but if you find yourself using it a lot, send a donation to help with future support and enhancement.

I would crank the cache to the maximum in GE (maximum that it will allow or maximum you can afford on your system, whichever comes first). Even if you want to browse a limited amount of space into the cache, for your purposes you will want to browse the satellite images down to quite fine detail into the cache and that takes a lot of space.

In your use, you can easily limit the area you want for each outing so you can browse it to the maximum detail for use on the trail.

I rarely use GE on the road for one very good reason. I don't need to GE your area for one very good reason. Both are the same reason:

Whenever I leave town I'm almost always heading somewhere far away, preferably somewhere West with lots of mountains. Generally somewhere outside cellular data range, by preference, not accident. I've spent a lot of time in the East and West Kootenays and some time just east of you, over up the Rock Creek road (#33).

There's not really enough cache to load GE for everything between here and there plus lots of detail around there. Not least because when I head out from here I'm never really sure where "There" is going to be. Sometimes I have a hard destination but usually, whether I'm travelling with my wife or a camping buddy, we just sort of follow our whims and the weather.

Google Earth, disconnected, isn't much good for that. If I need to have something else for the majority of the travel, I might as well make sure it's also something useful for when I get "There". Wherever that might be.

In my case, I use a Garmin iQue 3600 for in-car nav and a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx handheld for my mountain bike or tramping about in the bush. I use Garmin's Mapsource on the netbook, with the same maps I use in the two GPS units (includes road maps and topo maps), for static planning in restaurant or motel.

Unfortunately none of that gives me the GE capability of having the satellite images available. Perhaps I'll load up the cache with some sat images of the Cranbrook/Kimberly area and try it out this week. I won't be able to get too far off road but I can check it out on the roads up to some of the ski hills in the area.

Let me know when the Oliver and Penticton golf courses open next and perhaps I'll come out and let you buy me coffee or one of the great local wines.

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by Gordon Kerr
Re: Goops - Are you using the Plus as it will run for 30-40hrs vs. 10mins in free download?
Okay, I went and checked it out, just to be sure I wasn't misleading you.

The basic version will run indefinitely.

The limit you're refering to is that it will only record a track file of where you have been travelling of limited size (roughly, the most recent ten minutes).

I didn't/don't care about recording a track with GE or any of the other Plus/Pro features so the basic version is all I need.

Plus is $14.95 and Pro is $19.95. If you want to record tracks of your outings and are interested in some of the other features, either one is a bargain at those prices.

If I were you, I would download the free version of GooPS or Earthbridge (heck, try both .. it'll help you get more computer operation time!! ) and get your GPS receiver working solidly and predictably with GE. Go out and do some of your normal messing about. See how you like it. If it's all you hope it will be, consider buying the Plus or Pro version of GooPS or donating to Earthbridge (whichever one you decide to go with) and be happy with it for the long haul.

Gordon Kerr
Thanks for both replies.

Your handle says Regina yet you say you will try the cache out in Cranbrook/Kimberley this week - ? That's a lot of driving- or have you moved closer to God's country?

As for golfing - maybe next week - snow has melted and 5C today -0C tonight. Sorry -I'm not a golfer, but we should get together whenever you are near here.

I've been into digital photography a lot lately and was unable to get up into the hills this summer and fall except for one day in early November. Kind of fun Geotagging pics. My latest toy is a 360 degree lens that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

GE's street views appear to be 4 photos stitched together - not bad - but this baby is awesome. Still low down on the learning curve of it's technology - just have to find the time and use it before I lose it.

You have my email address. If you wish email - or? Skype? / messenger live?.

Gordon Kerr
Ken in Regina
I have some good news for you, Gordon. Tonite I've been playing with Google Earth. I found where it stores the cache so I was able to experiment with browsing around in the map and watching the cache grow.

First I motored around the Cranbrook/Kimberley/Ft Steele area at various zoom levels, then I wandered up hiway 93 to Fairmont and Radium, then back down and east on #3 through Fernie to Crowsnest. Checked the cache size and it wasn't much .. about 200MB (2GB is max in the disk cache). So I went back home (Regina) and scrolled across the prairies to the Crowsnest pass, zooming tight at various places along the way. Finally, I finished the loop on 93 to the TransCanada, over to Calgary and marked a few shopping spots there, then back on the TransCanada to Medicine Hat (our jumping off spot to #3 and the Crowsnest). I even took a detour up to Red Deer and other parts of central Alberta on the way.

618MB is all it took to grab all that.

I think you won't have any problem browsing everything in and around the Okanagan you're likely to want to cover into the cache at the tightest zoom levels with bundles of room to spare. !!!

Re: trying Google Earth's cache out in the Cranbrook area, I have a favorite aunt in Calgary who is having her 80th birthday on Saturday. I thought we would take the scenic route. I've been known to do that.

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