Street and Trips zooming limit outside North America
I have had Streets and Trips since 1999. I have 2 GPS, one for each vehicle, so I can use Street & Trips as a navigational tool in different cities no matter which vehicle I am driving.

My problem is I also use it out side of North America by creating a trail where ever I travel, i.e. from Manila to Baguio City in the Philippines. The problem is that when I am using it on North America area I can zoom right down to 0-150 yards, so when I travel in areas that do not have roads on the map I can create one by making a trail of where I have been. When I do this outside of North America I can only zoom down to 0-15 miles, which does not help when I want to find my way back from inside of Tarlac City Philippines.

Can you please tell me how I can zoom down as fine as on the North America map area. Can someone help?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi jeg.traveling,

This seems to be a hard coded limit in MS Streets & Trips, MS AutoRoute, and even MS MapPoint. I have not heard of any work-around for this .
Thank you for your reply, How do we get MS to fix or enhance their program? I have tried to request this a number of time but trying to contact MS or send them requests just like mission impossible.
Marvin Hlavac
I've traveled in a country outside of MapPoint street-level coverage, and I know exactly what you have tried to do. The ability to zoom in to the usual zoom level would be very helpful in such situations.

You could try to post your request to our wish list http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/wish-list . But Microsoft may have valid reasons for keeping it as is, and they may not want to change it.
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