How to use the Itinerary in iGuidance to route to multiple destinations
Ken in Regina
I agree with Terry. It is completely counter-intuitive from a trip planning point of view, in my opinion. You cannot actually plan a trip with it. So I would consider it solely a navigation program.

All of the other similar programs (Mobile PC, Odyssey Navigator, Navmii) seem at least a little better if you want to do some trip planning. They will all let you create a route with multiple (waypoints, POIs, "stops", whatever you want to call them) along the way and then see the route onscreen and look at the directions.

I've been learning how the Itinerary works as we've worked through this, so you aren't alone.

Hi, Ken,

Thanks for the reply... I look forward to learning enough to be able to ask intellegent questions concerning any possible routing tricks... I have a friend who uses a Nuvi 350... He says that it is also tough to route, but he does some remarkable things with it. After a bit more tinkering, I will ask him about any tricks that might cross over... Hopefully, I will come up with some ideas to share...
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