Can Garmin Mobile PC do tracks?
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum which I found yesterday. I'm hoping someone can clarify something about Garmin Mobile PC and Track Logs for me.

I'm thinking of getting the Garmin Mobile PC with the 10x GPS and use it in my vehicle with my Asus EEE PC Netbook but it's not clear to me whether it can log tracks or not.

I currently own an iQue M5 which I use when I go off-road with my 4x4. Back home I transfer the track logs back to my PC with MapSource and save them for future reference.

Garmin's web site doesn't say that the Garmin Mobile PC does Tracks so I assumed that it doesn't but then I read in some posts here last night about people transferring tracks to thei Garmin Mobile PC. I didn't see anything however about getting tracks from it.

I contacted Garmin last night to inquire about this and I just received the following answer.

Unfortunately at this point in time the Garmin Mobile PC program does not have the ability to do tracks

So I'm getting all confused now. If I buy a Garmin Mobile PC, can I transfer tracks from it back to Mapsource, edit them, export them to .GPX to use them on Google Earth or send them to my friends like I currently do with my iQue M5 ?
Garmin tech is wrong as usual, or doesn't understand the question. Mobile PC will keep tracks and transfer them to MapSource in a similar manner to other Garmin devices.

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Thanks Terry,

That's very good news. I would have disappointed to end up spending 400$ on a Oregon and add another device in my Vehicle when I already have a pc with a 10" screen at my disposal.
If you have MapSource and Mobile PC on the same computer, Mobile PC will show up on the list of devices for Receive from/ Transfer to. The only thing to remember is Mobile PC must be running the first time you want to exchange information with MapSource. After the first time, you can transfer data between MapSource and Mobile PC even if Mobile PC is not active.

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And transferring is the only way ? Since it's a PC I thought each track would simply be in it's on .GDB file and that I would only need to copy it or even open it directly from the GMPC folders.
Mobile PC does store a file 'current.gpx' that contains everything but individual things like tracks are in nvm folders. It does not produce gdb files. I suspect it uses a file layout more similar to the Nuvis than MapSource.

I think the safest way is using MapSource as a go between. You can have both programs on the same computer anyway.

Thanks again for you help Terry. I really appreciate it.
I have a similar problem. I purchased a GPS USB 20x and separately purchased Garmin Mobile PC. I don't have MapSoure. Is this more software that you have to purchase through Garmin?

My situation is I want to be able to save a GPS track so I can go back later to review where I have been. It would be great if I could have it in a file format that could be imported to Google Earth. Even better would be a txt or Excel file that had GPS locations with timestamps.

I found where to save a track in the GMPC software. Where is that track actually saved? I found the application data folder with all the .nvm files and the current.gpx file, but none of those are named what I named the track. I am hopelessly lost!
Ken in Regina
You can open GPX files in Google Earth. Just copy the current.gpx file to a different folder on your PC, open it with Google Earth and see what sorts of goodies are in it. (Be sure to copy it, don't just drag it.)

Also look in the \Program Files\Garmin\GarminMobilePC\GPX folder and see what files are in there. Open them in Google Earth to see what they contain.

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