GPS crashes Streets & Trips 2007, 2008, and 2009
Through searching these forums I see that other users have had issues with Microsoft Streets and Trips crashing while in GPS mode. I have had the same issue with the last 3 versions of Streets & Trips. Occurs on both Latitude E6400, and D-610, both interfaced to Garmin EtreX handheld GPS.

The issue is, I'll be driving along, GPS is working with S&T just fine, then S&T crashes. Sometimes it crashes after 30mins or more, sometimes right away. It seems that it crashes sooner after it has already just crashed. After the second or third attempt I don't even bother. I have tried shutting down various applications running in the background, and various port settings, but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone who is familiar with this issue been able to resolve it?

Thanks, Rob
Hi Bigman,

There were some improvements done for the 2010 release related to GPS. I'd love to know if they addressed the issues you have been experiencing with your EtreX.

Download a free 60 day trial here if you can and let me know.

Welcome to the forum, too!
I will check it out and respond on this thread... thx....
I have had the same issue with Garmin GPS. At that time, it appeared to be random crashes.

It seems that either Microsoft or Garmin does not strictly adhere to the NEMA standard, and when S&T receives a NMEA sentence it does not know about, it just crashes.

The workaround I found was to purchase a license of Franson GPSGate and configure it to filter the input and let through only the critical sentences that won't crash S&T.

I did that a while ago, but you should find the setup somewhere around here:
GPS splitter, simulator and logger. Serial port splitter. - Franson GpsGate

'Hope this helps...

Well, I just completed about 20-30 hrs of testing with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010, and have not experienced the crashes that plaqued the last three versions I had. Not one single crash!

It took 4 versions to get it right, but I am happy now... :-)

Thanks for the test report. This is good news for S&T 2010.
I know this is an ancient thread but I have the same problem with 2010 using the Ublox 1372.

Running 64 bit Windows 7 with an AMD AthlonII 2.1 GHz processor and 4GB of RAM.

I get the "program not responding" a lot when running GPS. Usually freezes Windows up solid too. It might go for days after a re-boot without problem or crash several more times as quick as you can re-boot it. If it doesn't freeze up solid and you can get to the Task Manager and hit End Process, 9 times out of 10, it still won't close.

I thought it might be the dongle after reading some of the responses here but as I typed this I made it crash twice, once with the dongle connected and once without it connected just by hitting the Configure GPS button.

The first time it did the "Windows is looking yada yada" and then actually closed and the second time, no look, no close and the Task Manager won't close it either. Will have to re-boot to get it to close.


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