Is There Anyone From the Tampa Bay Area?
Gladwin and I are excited to attend the 2010 Florida RV SuperShow (Jan 13th-17th) in Tampa again this year.

For details check out the official website: FRVTA

If you are from the area, we invite you to come and meet with us and bring your questions and comments. We love to meet everyone who uses Streets & Trips.

This is a real highlight for us to showcase the new features of S&T 2010 to all who attend.

We're coming all the way from warm and sunny Seattle to brave the cold and frigid temperatures of Florida Well? Who's coming?
Tom Bernardi
I am in Odessa - about 25 or so miles from the fairgrounds. I met Gladwin last year or the year before, and look forward to knowing that the two of you will be there. I will try to make it - if I can get my construction updates to work , otherwise, you might not want me around.

Dress warm [seriously] we are getting freeze warnings in the Tampa area for Sunday night - not sure what next week will bring. We have already had some nights at 28 here this week.

Tom Bernardi
Serious RVer and S&T user
Tom - come early and bring your laptop. Gladwin would love to debug it. .

I'm looking forward to it - regardless of the weather (although I'm leaving my sunscreen at home this year).
Joe Bedford
I'm going to be there. Where are you going to be located in the show. It's BIG and I don't want to miss you.

Cheers, Joe
Hi Joe,

That is a good point - the show is huge! And I can at least count on a couple forum folks stopping by. See you soon.

We will be located in building 'B' - booth B535.
This is Tim. I'll be coming Wednesday from Treasure Island about 30 miles away. I have been using Streets & Trips for about 5 years. Now the current version 2010.
Welcome to the forum Tim!

I look forward to meeting you in Tampa! I'll try to bring some of the warm Pacific NW weather with me :-)
Marvin Hlavac
If anyone of you there has a camera handy, take a picture if you have a moment, and post it here for the rest of us to enjoy.
Joe and I did get a chance to meet yesterday but sorry no picture. I thought of it too late. Maybe one of us could sketch something out on a napkin and scan it in to share.
Marvin Hlavac
Hey, there is still plenty of time for taking photos till the show ends on the 17th.
Tom Bernardi
Camera in hand as I walk out today to go to the show. Will post them when I return home.
Tom, Thanks for stopping by. It was great experience for us to see someone from the forum. And it was also fun exchanging tips and tricks.
Tom Bernardi

It was good to see both Larry and you, and put faces to our conversations in the future. There were some really good exchanges of ideas and hopefully I will see them in the 2011 or 2012 version [smile].

I will post the pictures from today once I figure out how to attach them.

Tom Bernardi
Here are the pictures from the show. Sorry for the clarity, I need someone to remind me to check the settings on the camera after I change batteries, throw it around the car, and then get bumped several times at the show before trying to take some good photos. The two of Larry are just OK, but the one of both Gladwin and Larry needs to be re-shot.

Really enjoyed the interaction at the S&T booth and got a solution from Gladwin on my age-old problem of a "runaway" POI search [e.g. 50 mile radius, but on the entire route] - the [Esc] key is your friend!

Larry also showed a group of us the Bing integration, and reminded me of a problem I had months ago but couldn't solve, and that was when you have the My Pushpins group hidden and you try to add a point, the new pushpin just disappears [of course]. Hopefully in the next release, the project team can "stupid proof" that for us by opening the My Pushpins group when you try to set up a new point. Please don't open all the pushpin groups though - I wouldn't want to wait for the megafile to open all the groups! [smile]

Hope more can make the show, and bring new tricks / tips to the group.

BTW, this is the second try at the message - I also need someone to remind me not close the window after I click on one of the pictures and look at them enlarged - it shut IE down [I know that - smile]

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Marvin Hlavac
Tom, thanks for taking the time to take & post the pictures. It's nice to see Larry & Gladwin, but next time the photos have to include also you.
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