Streets & Trips spontaneous resetting of start times
Microsoft Streets and Trips, on long trips scrambles data. I wish they could fix it. When I travel .. RV style .. our departures & arrivals change day by day. It remembers for a couple days but then it looses it .. it doesn't undo.

I'm only using part of the potential of Streets. Streets is a great program, it's not cumbersome with too much overhead. But it is forcing me to look elsewhere for another program that does it better.

There's probably a bunch of RVers, that are frustrated like I am.

We just did a 6,000 mile trip in our motorhome. Sometimes we do the same trip by car, without the MH.

I have to set the options in Streets & Trips to start driving at 6 am & finish driving at 6 am.

I'd prefer to set the daily start time using the actual start time. I then setup my gas stops, so my pilot knows where she needs to stop for fuel. I then update the stop time at each stop .. food & fuel. this helps us to know where we'll stop for the night. If we have a known daily time table or miles per day required. We can easily see what we need to do to get back on schedule.

If I'm driving, she isn't concerned with navigation, start & stop times .. but I like to know what & when comes next. But Street doesn't care either! I run my laptop as a reference w/Streets running for reference.. on a fixture for easy & safe viewing next to my side mirror in the dead space.

After several days on the road, when Streets gets the data corrupted. We usually hit the road soon after we get up and stop when we are tired or find a nice spot to stop.

Streets resets all of the start times based on the pre specified stop time, and we loose the time we started. WHY? It ignores the pre specified start time. WHY? Streets doesn't wait till the end of the day .. it does it at random during the day. WHY? Streets ignores the start times, stupid!

I wish this "simple process" can be made right, or am I trying to do what was never intended. Why have start & stop time if Streets & Trips was never intended to use it? Is there a solution I haven't found yet?
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