DeLorme Topo 6.0
I have used DeLorme Topo 4.0 and now 6.0 and while the program is not the easiest to use I really like the maps. As a pilot it is similar to sectional maps I am used to using. I do not care much for the 3D looks personally.

My problem is I would like to import those topo maps to a Garmin or something similar so I could look at it as I am driving without looking down and possibly missing something on the road. I will be using the system I currently have in a 6500 Series GMC with a 6speed manual making mounting a support for the laptop a little difficult.

I really like preplaning my trips on the laptop or my desktop but would like to import them into a good unit that mounts to the windshield.

Does the Mircosoft maps work for this and are the maps as good a Delorme?

Thanks for the help.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Coldtexan,

No one touched this in a couple of days, so I'm here at least to say "Welcome to the forum". I myself don't really have any experience with the DeLorme Topo software, so I cannot be of help. Hopefully someone else can give you an answer.

Microsoft Streets & Trips has good maps, but it isn't really a topographical program. If you need topo maps, you will likely be better off staying with DeLorme Topo.
I use Delorme 4.0 topo alos. I have not found anything that allows you to upload the Delorme topo maps to a garmin unit, but Delorme sells a hand held GPS that allows you to use Delorme Street Atlas and or Delorme topo maps. I thinks its the Earthmate GPS PN-20.

I can't answer much about what Microsoft offers, I haven't tried their mapping products.

Hope this helps.
As with most GPS map suppliers, products from one maker (Delorme) are not useable on another (Garmin). If you cannot use a laptop and are looking for a PND (personal naivgation device), take a look at the Garmin Nuvi series (especially the 5000). Nice large screen and maps are included. Garmin also offers Topo maps if that is your interest.
I have Topo Canada but haven't seen the US version. They do have an on-line viewer though.

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