Installing Streets & Trips on a netbook
I know this topic has been visited here and by Microsoft, but none of the answers have helped me with installing S&T 2004 without a CD drive. I've copied both disks to a flash drive, but the installation still wants to see Disc 2.

Since I'm willing to purchase Streets and Trips 2010, the one solution that comes closest is Microsoft's instructions at their S&T purchase site: "No CD/DVD drive? No problem." Except that I consider a 24-hour download a pretty big problem.

Would it work to just copy the files and the registry settings (scary!, and I haven't even found them yet) from my laptop installation? The files alone don't seem to work when copied--says I have to do an installation from the CDs.

Is 2010 on a single DVD that I could copy to a flash drive from which to do an install?

24 hours? Are you on dialup? Should be under 4 on DSL or cable.

I suppose you can't share a CD drive on another computer over the network. That is the second easiest solution. The easiest is to buy a standalone DVD drive.

Marvin suggested in another thread (which I can't find) that you copy the first CD to a folder on the flash drive. Then copy the second cd to the same folder and tell it to overwrite when it asks (or words to that effect). Did you try that?

Thanks for the quick reply, Terry.

The MS download site says DSL/Cable download will take 12 hours at 256K. My satellite speed is about 120K, so I figured 24 hr.

I'm not sure I understand the overwrite trick, but I found Marvin's post at http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2961-installing-microsoft-streets-trips-notebook-no-cd-dvd-drive and will give it a try. Are we sure there aren't different files with the same name on the two CDs? Why would the CDs have duplicate files?

Anyway, thanks for the direction. I'll give it a try and report back on success.
Success! But with an additional step.

Marvin's instructions were :
1. Copy the content of CD1 to a hard drive (or a memory stick, or some other storage media)
2. Copy the content of CD2 to the same location (the same folder). Click "Yes" when prompted to overwrite existing files.
3. Connect the above storage to the desired laptop (or a netbook), and click the setup EXE file to start the installation.

I would add:
4. When prompted for the Run Disc, rename the storage media the same name as the run disc (in my case, that was GEO11NA).
5. Click Okay.

Thanks, Terry. Thanks, Marvin. God, I love the Internet.

Now I can leave my 10# laptop at home when I travel.
Glad to hear it worked!

You really should check on sharing your laptop DVD drive with your netbook if you have a router.

My DSL is about 320 and it took under 3 hours so you should be able to do it in around 8. Size is about 1.4 Gig.

I had no idea that drive sharing was even possible until now. I'll try it. Thanks again.
Ken in Regina

To answer another of your questions, Yes, 2010 comes on a single DVD which you can copy to a flash drive and install from there.

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