Upgrade GPS receiver, or not
Hello all,

I have a NavMan GPS receiver (eHunter GPS Sensor) that I use with my laptop. I have gone to their website, and I find that they don't even mention the receiver that I have.

It's still working but I'm wondering what the advantages would be to upgrade it (not particularly an other NavMan).

Are there any significant improvements in today's GPS receivers compared to the NavMan I now have?

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,

The new receivers using SiRFIII or MTK chipsets are far more sensitive than the one you have and you will see faster startup times, as well as far superior reception in difficult conditions such as in cities or under tree cover. If you use your unit primarily in open spaces then there probably won't be much of a difference, as a practical matter.
Thank you for the prompt reply, that's exactly the information I was looking for. I do a lot of camping (mountain/forest) and probably an upgrade would be an improvement.

If it would not be too much bother, I have another question.

I have seen GPS receivers advertised as a "mouse" receiver combination. If a person were using the mouse as a mouse on the laptop how does the receiver part get a signal without being in the window?
I presume you are talking about the Deluo units. I have one for review, but haven't used it yet, but I don't think you can use it as a mouse and a GPS at the same time, because there is a switch on the bottom that controls this and I don't know how the chipset compares to the more common SirFIII and MTK units. By the way, for walking/hiking you are better off with a SiRFIII unit because some MTK units don't work well at slow speed.

By the way, with the new, high sensitivity chipsets you don't need to keep the receiver in the window any more. Many people can get excellent reception with the receiver in their glovebox or on the floor of the car. Certainly you will be able to keep it in your pocket or backpack and it will still work fine.
Again I thank you, your information had been quite helpful.

Marvin Hlavac
Deluo GPS Mouse dropped in price quite a lot since it first launched at the beginning of October. I saw it selling for just over $100 at that time. Now, only few short months later, it sells for $54.99 .

I spoke with Deluo shortly after they launched the product. They confirmed that it requires the user to select either mouse mode or GPS mode. Both functions are not supported (at least not in the current version).

I think a version which would let users select mouse/GPS combination mode could be more interesting. But I think after years of using a wireless mouse I would have hard time getting used to a wired computer mouse. The wire itself would a show stopper for me .
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