Re-install problems Streets and Trips 2007
Recently re-installed Windows XP media center on my Dell E1505 laptop. Re-installed Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 with GPS Locator, and now it won't respond. Any ideas?
Hi imicon,

Just so we are all clear on what the issue is...

Is it that you do a Scan for the USB device and it doesn't find it? Or it sees the GPS but can't locate your position?
Larry, When I open the program and try to get a route, my program quits working, and get an error msg that says system has failed to respond. When I re-installed XP media center, I did so from a CD, which I now see is an older version of XP than the one that came pre-installed on my laptop. Could that cause this problem?
Crazy Chris
This is several days old and maybe you've found the solution to your problem already, but...

Be sure when reinstalling the OS that you immediately run Windows Update to ensure that all the updates are installed. You may have to run Windows Update several times to get everything (and there will be numerous reboots during the process). I had a similar problem with another application (not even Microsoft), and discovered after much head banging that I was missing a patch.

Another thing you migh look into is a bad spot on the hard drive that's causing a read error? Try uninstalling Streets, defragmenting your hard drive (that also checks for disk errors, if I remember correctly), and then reinstalling Streets.

Hope that helps...

Regards, Chris
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