Bing Maps Beta doesn't open the same map area as Streets & Trips 2010
I'm in road map and zoomed in to say 5 square miles in Minnesota and go to Bing Maps (I unfortunately bit on the beta version) I always get a Bing map that has no correlation to the roadmap and the map covers about 500 square miles around Cedar Rapids Iowa. I do not live in that area however my internet provider must have an address point (correct terminology??) there as spam ads show up from Cedar Rapids.

I have uninstalled Streets and Trips 2010, and reinstalled, and it did not correct the problem.

Don't like the beta version of Bing maps mostly because I'm more familiar with the non Bing version that is on my laptop (2006 S&T)

On the computer having this problem I'm running 64 bit Windows 7

Thanks for any help
Hi smbrule,

Welcome to the forum!

I had the same problem. The Bing Maps beta site is very cool - I agree.

Here is what you'll want to do:
1) remove yourself from the beta - here is a post on how to do that: Can’t Use “Show in Bing Maps” with the Bing Maps Beta
2) Whenever you want to view the Bing Maps beta simply go to Bing Maps Beta

Now the "show in Bing maps" will still work (and take you to the non-beta version) but you can still enjoy the beta using the link above.

The Bing maps team have assured me that the next version won't break this feature. We'll see...
A huge thanks! It worked.
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