iGuidance isn't detecting my GPS from XPort
Now that I have a better understanding of routing, I know that I will want to run S&T and iGuidance at the same time to compare the nav displays... However, iGuidance isn't detecting the gps from XPort... Any ideas?
Go to Menu - Settings - GPS COM Port and pick the one you want to use. The auto setting is flakey.

Thanks for the heads up!
Ken in Regina
iGuidance is the better nav display of the two, hands down. It's also the easier of the two to use for general "find me the way to the nearest Crispy Creme (or Grandma's house)" type navigation.

As you have discovered, it's forte is not complex trip planning. Again, it's no contest: Streets&Trips wins that one between the two.

In my view.

Hi, Ken,

Thanks for participating... It's always good to get in on your expertise... I took Terry's advice and have both programs working, so I will be able to switch between the two for comparison...

As far as routing, I understand the "best use" for iGuidance and am glad to evaluate it, and use it, based on its own functions... In another post, Terry sounded like he had discovered some routing tricks... After I have learned a bit, I am sure I will want to get more hints from him...

Thanks for all the help...
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