Export function of Streets & Trips does not work
I recently installed Streets and Trips 2010 on bothe my PC and Netbook under Windows 7, and the export function did not work. I can not export to a file neither to a GPS.
Ken in Regina
What are you trying to export? Pushpins? A route?

If you have the GPS connected when you export to it, do you have an internet connection at the same time?

I tried to export several items routes, locations, pushpins but all did not worke, I tried several times and different data setS.

When i export to a file, it create a file, but the file is empty.

And when i try to sent it to a GPS (Garmin Nuvi), I get an MSN Direct web page saying: "There was an error with the format of the locations being sent. Please try again later."
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