Which personal navigation devices are supported by Streets and Trips 2010
What AM I missing here? I JUST saw a "new feature" for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 that enables users to transfer pre-planned routes to supported Garmin GPS devices. Well that's just huge! I can plan the trip on my PC and move it over to my Garmin along with planned stops along the way. That is just the way things oughtta be!

So I rushed to the MS S&T web site to find a list of supported devices. I don't have one of the only 7 supported Garmin devices. And it looks like I'll have to shop eBay to get one because of the SEVEN Garmin devices listed by Microsoft as supporting the map transfer feature, SIX are discontinued products according to Garmin. The 7th lists at $600.00!!! What a well thought out concept totally screwed up in practice:

Here's the list:

Nuvi 285WT - discontinued
Nuvi 780 - Suggested Retail Price: $ 599.99 USD
Nuvi 885T- discontinued
Streetpilot C580 - discontinued
Nuvi 680- discontinued
Nuvi 785T- discontinued
Nuvi 880 - discontinued
Ken in Regina
Hey Mike, slow down before you blow a gasket. If you already have a Garmin nav device just download the 60-day free trial of Streets&Trips 2010 and see if it works with yours. If you have any familiarity with Garmin devices you will know that there's not a big difference among them in how the stuff transfers to them. Especially not the Nuvis.

The biggest issue will be that some Nuvi models can't store any routes, some can only store a single route and some can store up to ten. All of them can store waypoints (Locations, Favorites, whatever).

One thing you need to know if you want to transfer directly to the device plugged into a USB port is that you also need a live internet connection to the PC. The direct transfer functionality doesn't actually exist in Streets&Trips. It's a function of one of Microsoft's online features.

Otherwise you can export to a GPX file and load the stuff onto the nav device that way.

Lots of ways to skin this cat.

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