Garmin coordinates into Streets & Trips 2008
I typed in my Garmin coordinates into the FIND LAT/LONG window of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 (Latitude 3349'826"N & Longitude 11225'197"W)



I get error message:
Enter a latitude that is at least -90 (the south pole) but not greater than 90 (the north pole) and a longitude that is at least -180 (max west) but not greater than 180 (max east)

I’ve tried converting to decimal degrees but end up in China.

I’ve research & search and have now thrown in the towel, a solution would be so grateful

As a suggesttion, you might try 33.83127 and -112.42214, see if that puts you in the ball park. Northern Hemisphere is positive Southern Hemisphere is negative, Eastern Hemisphere is positive and Western Hemisphere is negative as far as format of the numbers. Very important if want to stay out of China or Mongolia to use the minus sign when plotting positions in US or Canada. You could also use Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds but the 826 seconds is way outside the bounds allowed. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in a degree. Hope this helps.
Thanks ktrack,

Ill have to educate myself a little better on this. I used a site to do a conversion for me but came up with slightly different coordinates. Did you use a site or do yours manually?

Latitude N3349'826 is from my garmin. What the correct terminology for this, obviously not degrees, minutes, seconds?
Sorry, Garmin uses GPS Coordinates rather than decimal degrees or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds. I punched it in wrong on the first go. I used the converter at www.cosports.com and came up with 33.83043 for latitude and -112.41995 for longitude rather than what I gave you the first time. The important thing is the use of minus signs for the southern latitudes and western hemisphere when entering locations into Streets and Trips. As you see, it is also very important to do the conversion correctly.
Ok, now I understand.

Thanks again for the info.
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