POI Database for AT&T Hot Spots?
As an AT&T DSL customer, I get free access to their WiFi hot spots. I was wondering if anyone out their knows of a POI database of these hot spots that could be imported into Microsoft Streets & Trips.
Hi SnakeDoctor,

I think this post had gone unanswered because no one knew of any AT&T hot spot collection that was freely available and ready to import into S&T.

Isn't it AT&T who now supplies the wifi in most Starbuck, Barnes & Noble and McDonalds locations? You might start by importing in each of these collections from somewhere like POI-factory.com. Then you could always merge them into one huge collection.

This link below shows where they are but it isn't exactly in a usable format:
AT&T Wi-Fi Locations
Thanks Larry. I think that will do it for me (POI-Factory.com).
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