Possible to add new maps to Streets & Trips?
Thanks to everyone for the great amount of information which I have found on this site. I recently purchased the Streets & Trips w/ GPS from my local BB store and have been learning the ropes of this software. What has come to mind is that my wife and I like to travel in/on the back roads of the National forests and have acquired several maps of these areas which we use frequently. My question is: Does any one know if it is possible to scan or have someone scan these maps and add them to the S&T map collection? I am aware that Streets & Trips has a "bare bones" representation of some National Forest roads, but our maps show many more routes and convoluted road systems than I have found so far.
All help is appreciated,
Ken in Regina
There's no way to add maps to Streets&Trips.

You might want to look at the products on DeLorme's site. They have some great map products for topographical use and might have something for the national forests. Take a look at their Topo USA 8.0. Even if it doesn't have all of the stuff you need on it, there are downloadable maps at DeLorme that you can add that should have it all covered.

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