Streets & Trips 2009 stops working after a few minutes
Hi everyone, this is my first post here, I'm kind of new to the GPS world. A few months I purchased Streets and Trips 2009. The program seems to work OK. I wanted only to keep a track of where I had going, not interested in the navigation part of it. But I have ran into a problem. First I was using an HP laptop, and the program was only working for about 15 to 20 minutes, and I was getting a message that S&T had stopped working, to restart the computer. After doing that, the same thing happened, and after rebooting, the program just will not work anymore.

I gave the laptop to my granddaughter, and purchased a new netbook, an HP Mini with Windows 7. I installed the same program and I get the same message. If I'm driving and I stop for 5 minutes or more, the same message appears. I would like to find another program and replace S&T. Any suggestions?
Often it's the USB GPS stick. If you bought the GPS in a package with S&T, you could try exchanging it for another set. Also try connecting it to a different USB port.

There's a three-page thread where people (many who are very technically-experienced) try to diagnose crashes: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/405-microsoft-streets-trips-crashes-unpredictably

About half of the people posting on that thread seem to have tracked down the problem to hardware. The other half seem to have gotten stuck, because it was a difficult settings or driver issue (and those are never easy to work out).

S&T appears to be less tolerant of malformed input data than other programs. You can either switch to another program, or fix whatever hardware problem was causing malformed input.

There are a number of other programs you can use. On this forum, Garmin Mobile PC is the second-most-popular, after Streets & Trips. Go back to the main page of this forum, and you'll see forums for the other popular software packages. In each of them, there'll be a review thread near the top, exploring the capabilities of the program.
Thanks for the quick reply. I've guessed that it is a program problem. I've installed it in 3 other computers, one a desktop, and let it run for a while, and the same thing happened. And 2 laptops, one with Vista Premium Home edition, and the other with Windows 7, and the same thing happens. I'll try and get a different program. I don't use the navigation software that much. My car has a navigation system installed at the factory, and I don't think too much of it. Again thanks for the reply.
If you used the same USB stick on all the computers that you've installed it on, then you haven't isolated the problem yet.
Crazy Chris
Here's another thing to consider... did you temporarily disable virus checking when you installed it? We had the same problem with S&T 2009... it would run for awhile and then mysteriously crash. I read somewhere in the Microsoft Knowledge Base that, sometimes, a virus checker will interfere with the installation. So, I removed S&T, disabaled (i.e. shut down) my virus checker (AVG Free), and reinstalled S&T again. The problem went away.

Hope you get it solved. And, I hope my suggestion is helpful.


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