MapPoint API Documentation
Lee L
Hello Laptop GPS Gurus,
Can anyone direct me to the MapPoint API/Object Model documentation for MP 2010? The only thing I could find was a lightweight MSDN article discussing the object model for MP2006.
This forum is really for the consumer product. Mappoint developers gather at Eric's Frost MapForums: MapPoint Forums

The Mappoint SDK hasn't really been changed since 2006. The page with the diagram of the object model is exactly where the SDK is located:

About the Microsoft MapPoint object model

You have to use the left-hand navigation tree to locate information about the objects, methods, events, and properties.
Lee L
Taoyue, Thanks for the clarification. I had found the current API Documentation as part of the products help file. It seems to have been updated since 2006.
The Help file is a little light on the new MapFeatures collection and MapFeature objects. This article helps --

Using the New MapFeatures Collection and MapFeature Objects in MapPoint 2010

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