ALK Technologies Launches CoPilot Truck 11
Marvin Hlavac
ALK Technologies Launches CoPilot Truck 11
Improved PC*MILER-Based GPS Navigation, Simplified Address Entry and Enhanced Map Views

Princeton, New Jersey - February 5, 2008 - ALK Technologies, Inc., the leading worldwide developer of GPS navigation, routing, mileage and mapping solutions, today announced the launch of CoPilot Truck 11, a full featured GPS navigation and trip planning solution that runs on Windows® based laptop computers. CoPilot Truck 11 is completely redesigned with step-by-step address entry, 2D and 3D map views.

CoPilot Truck offers industry standard spoken PC*MILER® directions directly in the vehicle. It is the first GPS navigation system specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators and leased operators. Truck-specific, spoken dock-to-dock directions are provided throughout the United States and Canada. PC*MILER routing options range from Practical, Shortest, 53'/102” Trailer, HazMat, National Network and Toll Avoidance with 13'6” height, 48' length, 80,000 pound weight and 96” width restrictions.

An easy-to-see Driver Safety screen with flexible and clear map views eliminates distraction while driving. CoPilot Truck easily avoids and favors roads and locations, and will find the best sequence for up to 50 stops. If a turn is missed, its fast and automatic route recalculation prevents drivers from getting lost. In addition to truck stops, weigh stations and rest areas, CoPilot Truck includes 6 million infoUSA® Points-of-Interest with phone numbers.
  • CoPilot Truck 11 benefits include:
  • Reduces out-of-route, empty and deadhead mileage
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Improves driver and dispatcher productivity
  • Helps avoid costly fines and vehicle damage
  • Provides accurate pick-up and delivery times
  • Safe and stress-free driving on truck-legal roads
  • Improves driver retention and recruiting
CoPilot Truck's proprietary North American map database has been maintained by ALK for nearly 30 years. ALK's street level and highway network database has grown to over 7 million miles of roadway nationwide, with over 460,000 miles of truck-restricted roads. CoPilot Truck 11 includes over 800 updated counties across the U.S. with over 200,000 miles of new roads. It also includes 140 million nationwide U.S. street addresses and 30 million nationwide Canadian street addresses.

“ALK released the first GPS navigation system for the trucking industry in 2001, this latest release highlights the evolution of our award winning technology under the hood,” said Craig Fiander, senior director, marketing for ALK. “CoPilot Truck is tailored specifically for drivers who work in an unforgiving environment, where one missed truck restriction can turn a profitable load into a costly load.”

As an added premium service, fleets can take advantage of a seamless connection to CoPilot Live FleetCenter™ which provides multi-vehicle tracking, 2-way messaging plus fleet management, mobile dispatch, and historical reports.

CoPilot Truck versions compatible with mobile communications systems running Windows Mobile® , CE, and XP Embedded are also available from ALK.

About ALK Technologies, Inc.

Since 1979, ALK Technologies has developed innovative mobile navigation and transportation technology solutions. ALK's award-winning CoPilot Live GPS software is the navigation based services platform of choice for mobile operators, hardware OEMs and systems integrators globally. ALK's PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping solutions are used by over 22,000 transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies worldwide.
Mr Turtle 1954
hi what is the cost of the lap top 11 just a driver looking to make things better and easier so truck will make little more and me on time more
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Mr Turtle 1954,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

The consumer software, ALK CoPilot Live 11 for laptops sells for $149.

The software for professional drivers, ALK CoPilot Truck 11 sells for $199

You may buy various software + hardware packages, which are more expensive, and which include a USB (or Bluetooth) GPS receiver. Or you could buy a GPS receiver separately. A plain USB GPS receiver cost only about $35 these days.
Originally Posted by Mr Turtle 1954
hi what is the cost of the lap top 11 just a driver looking to make things better and easier so truck will make little more and me on time more
I HIGHLY suggest you read this link concerning CoPilot 11 Truck before you invest in it.

I've finally given up on them releasing any patches to fix the numerous problems with CoPilot 11, including the fact that the map data is flat-out HORRIBLE.
Have used CoPilot Live 11 Truck in my Rv for about 14 trips now and have finally given up. It is a disaster. For no apparent reason it would have me exiting to U-turn. More than once I ended up in the 'hood stuck because I can't back up with a tow car on the back. Simple things confuse it and then it starts telling you to u-turn. It will verbally say "turn right" but the screen will show a left turn. Oh, there's more. I wanted to post this to warn people NOT buy it. I wanted the option for RV's so it would steer me around low bridges, narrow roads, etc, but it is not worth the nightmare I have every time. Been more than fair with this thing. It's in the process of being replaced by TOMTOM GO720 which can only be an improvement. I get 9 MPG and can't afford the unnecessary and dangerous u-turns and side trips the CoPilot Live 11 Truck version has taken me on.
Mr Turtle 1954
hi will its your job to look at map to to see if you should turn its just part of driving all gps do's the same thing so look a little long you just think the machine do's all lol be nice but we still have to think with it
With CoPilot 11, you have to "think" out the entire trip. CoPilot 9, once in awhile it'd mess up a route. Not 11.

Just as an idea of how bad the data is, take a look at an overview of West Virginia. The only roads in the state indicated as truck accessible are 4-lane highways. I've had CP11 telling me that a road was truck restricted while I was sitting beside a highway sign that states that the road is the truck route.
I have to speak up my mind or else i'll have a coronary:

CoPilot Truck 11 has got to have the dumbest algorithms for route calculation there have ever existed, as far as i can tell. It seems to me that in most instances it takes the most unpractical, preferably the longest, most nonsensical route possible.

I have no previous experience with CoPilot, but version 11 Truck is downright a catastrophy. There, i said it. Except for the freeway interchanges which in 3D rendition do help a lot( and even there it is sometimes inaccurate), it is a tedious to work with, driver unfriendly piece of something.

One proud CP Truck 11 owner.
You want to have fun with CoPilot? Try going straight through Columbus, OH on any of the interstates there. For some reason, ALK thinks that the interstates in the center of town aren't truck legal. I've even had it try to route me on the side streets to get off of the interstate when I was going west to east on I-70. It will also tell you to exit, cross the street and get right back on the interstate.

The worst I've seen v11 do is when I was hauling a load from Richmond, VA to Fairmont, WV. It had me routed on I-64 into Staunton, VA, then take US-250 for the remainder of the trip. I've taken a truck on that route - ONCE and ONLY once. The ~250 miles took something like 9 hours.

At least with v9 you can manually mark roads to avoid/prefer. Perhaps when v12 comes out they'll fix some problems.
Hi folk's.
I am an accross the road driver, pulling a 53' reefer. My laptop is sitting on a mount made from a camper kit used to convert a table to a bed. I screwed the base to the floor of the cab. Installed a small piece of plywood to the other base to sit the laptop on. It removes easily when not needed.

Alk upgraded my version 7 to a version 9 for peanuts. They don't seem so generous on upgrade's now.

30 to 40% of the address's I enter are not found, but when I find my way down the street to make the delivery, the computer knows exactly where I am. It will give the option to go 3950 Industrial Rd, but dosn't have a clue where 1650 Industrial Rd is. A trip with multiple address's entered can be a problem. Instead of helping you back to the address you just missed, the route will change to the next address on the list.

Some times I will arrive at the warehouse, but be on the other side of railroad tracks, canals, etc.

I wonder why the program does not have any way to minimize the screen?
It is impossible to exit the program if one is to start the searching for a GPS signal option.
Warren Tracy
Hi! There I'm Warren I have had simmiler problems with alk.
It seem as though ALK is not interested in good service any more, and when you call them and ask questions they tell you, you need to contact
some other department. I was told service is not listed too. by there
engerneers or service departments.

To ancer your question if it's in the progeam, then you will have to get a
new up date. and that should have it in it.????

Thats if they have there ducks in order. if you have PC Miler 9 a lot of
the new streets and addresses is not in it.

and if you have PC Miler 11 WELL! you just got riped off. and
send it back and get you mone back. I would think ALK wood have seen
the JUNK they are selling. and re call all of them. But thats not
the case, I still see it sold in truck stops. I have spent howers
on the phone trying to help them. ther is just no interest on there part.
hope I helped you. Warren

GPS use satlelights to guide you from 1 point to an other.
However when the GPS you get and install in you car,truck, boat, ect
run aprogram, and the program has at that time up to date data.
But things are changing so fast that even at assebly its out dated.
So every now wnd then check with manufacturing. for up dates.
Just now got home from a long day, should have been short, get home, "Let's go to the PARTY, ".....But No...GPS routes me out of the best route.... Costs time....so: "Happy New Year Folks!!!" I'm wishing for something more reliable to drive with for the new year comming....!!! Here's Hoping.!!! Have One On Me!!
Warren Tracy
So you are in the same shape I'm in good to know I'm not alone.
ALK needs to listen to there customer base more than there the software desiner
that put 11 together. any way happy new year to all.
Will copilot ever update there maps, anything ya ever buy software wish offer updates and rarely charge for them, i spent 300 bucks on the program, i expect the occasional update
They only update with new versions. When a new version comes out, existing custoners can buy it direct through ALK for $99.00 instead of the $239.00 original cost.
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