OkMap - Free GPS Mapping Software
I'm pleased to present OkMap software (

OkMap is an interactive software which allows you to work on your computer screen with digital maps that you have either bought or scanned. OkMap can also import vectorial data from the most common formats and DEM data relevant to height informations.

Through these maps, OkMap lets you organize paths by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on your computer monitor, and upload this data to your GPS. To make it easier, OkMap provides you also with autorouting and geocoding functions.

Data collected by your GPS can be downloaded on your computer, stored and displayed on the maps. They can also be used to create different types of statistics.

By connecting a GPS to your laptop, you can plot your position on maps in real-time. If you are connected to the network you can constantly send your position to a remote computer, or receive the position of your companions on your computer and display the related tracks on maps in real time.

OkMap can also interface Google Maps and Google Earth. With Google Maps you can get portions of maps immediately available in OkMap. With Google Earth you can view your paths and your maps also in 3D.

Potential use:

  • Search and rescue
  • Trekking
  • Off road
  • Boating
  • Flying
  • Mountain bike
  • Geocaching
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Finding mushrooms
  • Soft air
Main features:
  • Calibrate raster maps with different types of cartographic projections
  • Create own digital maps drawing points, multipoints, polylines and polygons
  • Display simultaneously raster and vectorial maps
  • Import vectorial data with different types of cartographic projections
  • Use raster and vectorial maps as background for navigation
  • Create and manage waypoints, routes and tracks in GPX format
  • Download, save and automatically georeference maps from Google Maps
  • Automatic determination of road paths (autorouting)
  • Determination of coordinates from street addresses (geocoding) and viceversa
  • Use digital terrain models to display the elevation
  • Upload and download data to and from a GPS device
  • Navigate in real time with a GPS device through NMEA protocol
  • Display Google Earth and Google Maps in current map location
  • Exchange data with Google Earth and view your map in 3D
  • Find nearby cache in web site
  • Exchange data with GpsGate Home server
  • Receive customized navigation data from remote GPS devices
  • Send the current position to an OkMap remote server
  • Make conversions between different types of coordinates, datums, formats, etc..
  • Use a handy calculator for your calculations
  • Many other things..
Supported languages:
  • English
  • Italian
Supported formats:
  • Images: ecw, bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif and many others
  • Maps: gfw, jgw, pgw, tfw, bpw (Drg maps); ecw (Earth Resource Mapping); map (OziExplorer); gmi (GpsTuner)
  • Vectorial data: shp, dbf (Esri shape file); dcw (Digital Chart of World)
  • GPS data: gpx (GPS Exchange Format); kml (Keyhole Markup Language); wpt, plt, rte (OziExplorer); loc (Geocaching) and many others formats thanks to the software GpsBabel
  • DEM data (digital earth model): hgt (SRTM-1 e SRTM-3)
Supported Gps devices:
  • Upload/download through GpsBabel: Garmin and Magellan
  • NMEA navigation: all GPS devices that support Nmea 0183 protocol

Constantly updates the software and all your suggestions will be appreciated.

A greeting to all.

Gian Paolo
Hello, Gian,

Thank you for letting us know this is available... It looks very interesting... How long has it been out? What feed back have you received about it?

It is free? Not shareware or a trial copy?
Hi t1dunn,
OkMap is 3 years old but in the last year (2009) many features has been added. Feed back is quite good, users seem enthusiastic.
OkMap is completely free but a donation is much appreciated.
I'm open for suggestions and improvements.
Mandolin Guy
I'm going to take a look at OkMap. I'm part of a regional 2-state search and rescue team. Some of it involves scenes that are well off the beaten path. This could be beneficial.
I have downloaded OkMap and bought UAE topo maps from Digital topographic maps download - The maps folder has image files and .map files. When I tried to load the maps on OKMap through "load oziexplorer maps" it asks for datum. What is that?

I can't load the maps so need some help please
Nevermind I got it, nice piece of software, it calibrated the maps perfectly. Just need some practice to understand it properly.

Forza OKMap :P
Have you tried Oziexplorer?
If so, could you give us a comparison?
Sorry Glenn,

Haven't used oziexplorer. What I have done is I got image maps which is calibrated and has .map files.

I'm pretty satisfied with OKMap only problem is instead of opening them one by one
Will OkMap run USGS topo maps? If so, where do you download USGS maps and what do they cost?
Hi. It's my second post here at LaptopGPSWorld. Sorry if it's a bit long-winded.
I'm hoping to find an answer to a problem that's been bugging me for a while.

I've been using Garmin handhelds, and various software on Desktop and Laptop, for a few years mostly with success but one thing has me stumped. The on screen display of the GPS signal within OkMap (eg: current position, tracklogging, even the displayed GPS time) runs at about half the speed of the GPSmap76 supplying the signal. I've tried the GPS signal through the GPSGate virtual splitter/filter with no apparent difference to the problem.

The GPSmap76 is set to the required NMEA output, and associated NMEA settings in OkMap are default (I think).

Using all the same hardware with nRoute, OziExplorer (free version), and SeaClear II software, everything works OK as far as I can tell, but the GPS display lags badly behind the GPSr with OkMap. I could use a different software, but OkMap suits my requirements very well (except for this problem).

Every new OkMap version seems to be a clean new installation of the program, including the Maps folder, so I keep my collection of OkMap maps (images and .OKM files) in a seperate not-the-default-OkMap folder, and link to my own map folder via OkMap Preferences. Hope that makes sense.

Garmin GPSmap76
Serial9pin -> USB adapter and cables
Asus 1001HA EeePC (WinXP sp3)
OkMap version 9.4.8 (Version 9.5.0 pushes info Tabs off my 1024*600 screen so reinstalled version 9.4.8 and cleaned up associated entries in Application Data and Local Settings directories).

Has anyone else had a similar time-lag problem with GPS signal displayed in OkMap? Any ideas or comments about would be appreciated.
Ken in Regina
I'm not familiar with OkMap. Is it available for [legal] download somewhere or is it a commercial product?

Thanks for the quick reply. It's a free (opensource?) download from
Just a follow up to my previous post/s here.
My OkMap time lag problem was fixed by the Italian developer in an updated version of the software. Last time I used the software, it worked well.
New here. Will OkMap program work on android OS tablet? Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by stanman85629
New here. Will OkMap program work on android OS tablet? Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

I don't know the answer to that but if you want a good free navigation app for Android you can try OruxMaps. It works well on my Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 5 phone. I used it to do some track logging on my phone during some motorcyle trailriding in the Rockies last week.

It will use maps from many sources. I have some Garmin maps loaded on it and I also have some Open Street Maps loaded on it. You can load maps on the device for offline use or you can use online maps. You can also load tracks and routes.

...ken... About