Blue line in MS Streets and Trips
Hi! Just started playing around with Streets & Trips 2010. Tested it out last night driving to work. Made a route from Home to Work. Didn't click the box to create trail. Like the program, but now I have a straight blue line "as the crow flies" from start to finish. What is this and how do I get rid of it? Not "selectable" or "clickable".
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It looks a bit like a two-point GPS trail. If it is, you are stuck with it on that file. As of 2010, GPS trails are thin blue lines but they are uneditable and undeletable - indelible.

Not being there, it is difficult to say what created it. Even if the Create GPS Trail box was not ticked en route, if it had been ticked at the beginning and again at the end you might get this result.
Marvin Hlavac
Karen, try to click the line, and then press the Delete-key on your keyboard. It is possible the line was mistakenly created with the "Line" tool (in the Drawing tool bar).
Thanks, but it's not a line and it's not click-able or "deletable". (I experimented with the Line Tool and they are easily deleted.) I don't remember ever clicking the trail box, as I am not interested in creating trails 99.9% of the time. This really sucks if it does this with every route, as it is very distracting.
I guess I'll just copy and paste my "pushpins" into a new file and go from there.
Marvin Hlavac
Karen, I've never heard of this issue before. Would you mind attaching the file to your next reply here. I suspect several of us might be interested in looking at the misterious blue line.
I already created a new file and overwrote the original. I'll do another route tonight when I go to work and see if the problem happens again.
Marvin Hlavac
Karen, my guess is that you will never see that "issue" ever again.

Good riddance....probably a fluke...let you know tomorrow!
Repeated my route...no "thin blue line"...must have been a hiccup!
Ken in Regina
The proper techical terminology for that is "gremlins".

Y'er welcome.

I am having the same problem. I have attached the file.
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File Type: est delete GPS trail.est (158.5 KB)
Marvin Hlavac
icdoo, Karen's problem was that the blue line appeared on her map for no apparent reason, but I suspect that is not your case. Your line appears to be a GPS trail created while driving with the "Create GPS Trail" feature enabled. I suspect your 'issue' is just with the inability of the new Streets & Trips 2010 to let users delete GPS trails (an item for our S&T Wish List, I guess).
You're right-mine didn't look look like this. My blue line was "as the crow flies" (straight line from point-to-point and it was thicker)

I can't be sure, but, in retrospect, my problem may have been caused by a conflict between S&T and my GPSMap 60CSx receiver. I didn't remember it at the time of my posts, but the 60CSx also had an active route to a different location! (Part of the route was shared by the 2 destinations.) I think my situation was just a glitch, whatever the reason. Hasn't done it since.

BTW, I hate not being able to delete routes!
check out Can't remove gps trail in 2010 version in Street Trips <edit>Expired link removed</edit> they tell you how to get rid of the trail by editing the file in xml. works good.
Wow! What a pain! But will definitely book mark that page for future reference in case I accidentally create a trail! I think what I will do if I feel the need to create a trail is to just open a new map file just for trails.
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