ALK CoPilot Navigator 9, GPS will not install USB driver, XP SP3
I used CoPilot Navigator with XP SP2, about 2 years ago. Then left it idle for awhile. Now I am trying to run it on an XP SP3 machine, but it will not install the USB driver.

Does anyone have a suggestion? This was working hardware; the software is installed and seems to be fine. Thank you.
Please give more details, to help us help you... What have you tried? Re-install of the driver? What is the driver source, disk, website? Tell us as much as possible and someone will be glad to help. A current driver compatible with SP3 is more likely to be available from the manufacturer website.

Thank you for the reply.

I installed the software and it was fine.There is no driver install that I can find. My understanding was that once the GPS was plugged in (USB) windows installed a driver for it. This doesn't happen. Windows does ask for the install when the GPS is installed.

I searched on the disk and there are a number of ubgps.inf files and I have tried to point the windows driver install to one of these, but unsuccessfully. There is no help or readme.txt file on the disk.

I think that this is CoPilot 9 although the disk says copilot navigator.

that should read usbgps.inf files. For some reason the browser was missing characters. I had to retype very slowly to get the entry correct.
Marvin commented on this product (Copilot Navigator) on MP3Car.com 3 odd years ago. The poster was looking for a driver for the Philips (Spotj?) GPS. They couldn't find a driver then and I only see links back to Philips now. Is there any indication on the GPS as to what model it is? Did you let Windows go through each folder on the CD to see if it was interested in any file? When Windows is looking, sometimes it will give a hint on what it is expecting to find.

Marvin Hlavac
blewis999, I suspect your only hope is to contact ALK to inquire about an updated driver and/or a solution.

ALK CoPilot Navigator 9 is a special product: the software will not work with a GPS receiver other than the original one, as well as the GPS receiver will not be usable with software other than your ALK CoPilot Navigator 9. Here's an FAQ for the product: Support Center: ALK Technologies
Which receiver model is it?

If it is the "CP-101" (black - square-shaped) then that driver installs and runs as a "service" in the background of Windows. It does not load a passive driver file like most hardware does. I have never found a way to just load the service by itself, so I end up doing a complete uninstall and reinstall (several steps involved in that) to get it working again. This receiver was never included in earlier versions than version 11.

If it is a BU-353 that was very common in Version 9 and earlier hen that is a great receiver and the drivers are readily available at Prolific's web site (including for Win 7 now.)
DieselBoss, have you found any software that would make my job easier instead of Microsoft Streets/Trips. I found one that cost $400.00 just for large vehicles.
Originally Posted by gtrucker
DieselBoss, have you found any software that would make my job easier instead of Microsoft Streets/Trips. I found one that cost $400.00 just for large vehicles.
You should keep an eye on THIS THREAD.

There is an upcoming new release of CoPilot Truck that should be hitting shelves in July.

I have seen the maps (PC Miler V24) and they are well-updated. There are some functional and feature improvements that many drivers have asked for in relation to the last version that I am maintaining cautious "high hopes" to see in it as well.

We will test it on various platforms and in various rigs and report here on that as well.
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