Problem with loading custom POIs to Garmin Mobile PC
I have quite a large library of custom POIs that I load into Mobile PC using the Garmin POI Loader application (version I store the custom POIs as Excel CSV files. I have found a problem that I have reported to Garmin UK tech support but so far have had no solution. When I try and load a custom POI in California into my US version of Garmin Mobile PC that is West of about -117W the point loads into the map but does not appear in the drop down list of selectable locations in the "Where to?/Extras/Custom POI file" screen, which means you cannot select it. An example is the entrance to Disneyland Anaheim which is at co-ordinates (-117.91779, 33.80479). The Marriott Shadow Ridge resort at co-ordinates (-116.38491, 33.78253) loads fine. I have played around with different locations and the problem seems to be how far West the point is. Has anyone else seen this problem?

By the way, there was talk of a new Mobile PC version by the end of 2009. I am running 5.00.60g which has been around for sometime now - is there anything newer and if so how do you get it?

Regards, Julian.
Marvin Hlavac
Julian, try the new updated version http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3186-garmin-mobile-pc-5-00-70-february-19-2010-a
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