Help! Can't delete pushpin goofing up map centering (Streets & Trips)
Or...is it actually a pushpin?

For some reason, my Streets & Trips 2008 is now showing a kind of red down arrow with the number 1 inside, at
Ragin Cajun Cafe, 907 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, CA
which is the wrong address unless they've opened an extra location. I have no idea how this showed up.

Most of all, I want to delete it, because every time I opened a saved route, the map centers on this fool thing, which is not what I want at all (ideally I would want the map to show the whole route, which I think? I have selected...).

I could delete another pushpin simply by right-clicking, so I'm wondering if this is really a pushpin or a custom symbol or what, but I want the map to STOP centering on this useless thing
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Head Unit,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

My first though would be to try Ctrl+K (this opens the Live Search pane), and then press the "Clear" button on the bottom of the live search results pane.

The "red down arrow with the number 1 inside" is likely there as a result of an earlier live search.
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