'Integrating' Microsoft Streets & Trips and Garmin Mobile PC
I have found a way to have the best of both worlds. While I like Garmin MobilePC for navigating around town, I like Streets & Trips better for long distance trips that require more planning, so what I did was have them both open simultaneously using GPSGate. I sized S&T on the left of the window to provide an overview of the route and had Mobile PC to the right to show better turn-by-turn information. I discovered this by accident when I had S&T open maximixed, then opened Mobile PC which opens in a smaller window. S&T was peeking out of the side, so I thought "Hey, I could just resize S&T to run side-by-side with Mobile PC!" I really liked the layout. (I closed all of the S&T toolbars and panes.) See screenshot below:
(Too bad MobilePC can't spell "Kalispell" correctly!)
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Ken in Regina
Now that is slick!!! Thanks for sharing it, Karen.

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