Which PC mapping software for rescue truck?
I need some recommendations on which software to use in a Search and Rescue Truck.

We have a computer mounted in the truck. The truck is used as a patrol unit and responds to a variety of calls. The calls will typically be dispatched, at which time a deputy will need to manually input the address into the computer.

Real important is that it is easy to use and intuitive. I have been playing with MS streets and trips and don't think that quite fits the bill. It doesnt seem intuitive enough. I am not sure if I just need some more time on it? When it gives you directions they are very small (maybe that's adjustable?) The map is about a 1/3 of the page. I see that is adjustable, but then the directions dissapeared...I dunno.

We would also need the ability to enter points of interest into the software for locations that receive regular calls.

I also like the ability to enter an address only, not having to specify the city or zip.

Very up to date maps is also nice.

We have a Garmin 2610 in our other rescue truck. I love the 2610 and find it very user friendly and intuitive.

What software do you recommend and why?

TIA for any advice.
Ken in Regina
If you like the 2610 you might like Garmin's Mobile PC. It's just like stuffing a Nuvi into your PC. It even supports a touchscreen if you have one. The only thing it doesn't have is an onscreen keyboard.

If you have Microsoft Outlook installed on the PC, Mobile PC will hook into the Contacts in it as well as its own Favorites.

The address search defaults to the province/state of your current location and gives you a choice of "Search All Cities" or "Spell City/Postal Code" to narrow the search. So you can just tap "Search All Cities" and poke in the address. It will give you a list of matches and you poke the one you want, then poke the GO button or save it to Favorites.

I've attached a couple of screenshots. One is the Mobile PC display with a short route on it. The second is the screen that has the text directions on it so you can have the text directions and still see a bit of the map, too.

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