My main Streets & Trips file doesn't open intermittently. Other .est files work.
James Curran
I have this intermittent problem with Streets and Trips. Every now and then it just won't open the main file I am working on. Last time this happened I downloaded a backed up version from Carbonite and it worked okay. Just tried that again and it won't open the file. It will open some other files that have .est at the end of them but not my main file. The error reading just says "cannot open this file, consult help information about compatible formats. This is the same file I have been using all along and it does have the .est at the end of the file. Any suggestions?
This sounds like a corrupted file. Can you dl it again from Carbonite?
James Curran
I downloaded a restored version from the beginning of Feb. I can try and go back further for another version. But this is the second time that the file has gotten corrupted. What is causing that?
I suggest not to download .est file. It may be a version compatibility problem, or a buggy file already. Start from a new file instead and import POI yourself from .txt or .xls files (i guess this is the main used of the file). Than backup your own .est files for yourself later.

In the past, there were small problems with loading .est older files in S&T like with pushpins problems, or with gps trail bug also. I think that creating the .est yourself from scratch and from your own version is the safer way to do it...
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