Pushpins and Matching Information copy problem
1) Cannot copy or move a pushpin with the Matching Information (address) to a new Streets & Trips 2010, or a group of pushpins in a pushpin set to another. The text below the address line is copied or moved. The only options that does work is the single pushpin properties you can specify a different pushpin set.

2) When you create a new pushpin is there a way to put the pushpin in the pushpin set you like when you have multiple pushpin sets. Reading the post looks like you can only ever have one primary pushpin set and cannot be changed after the file created. How to add pushpins to existing pushpin sets in Streets & Trips by Ken in Regina
Ken in Regina
2. It looks like you're right. You can have lots of different pushpin sets on a map but it looks like any new pushpin always gets created in the first set you created on that map, then you have to use the pushpin properties to change it into the set you want it in.

At least, I can't find any way to change which set the next pushpin I create will go into.

Ken, I hope you enjoyed your concert.

However, the set in which new pushpins will be lodged is not necessarily the first set created. Somehow, Streets and Trips 2010 appoints one set as the default to where all new pushpins will be assigned. But it does not have to be the first or last as far as I can tell. And there is no way of telling, just by looking at the list of pushpin sets, which is the default set; the only way I have figured out how to identify the default set is to look at the Matching list to see where the new pushpins have been added. So, putting that little mystery aside let's address how you can create a new set.

One way is to copy (or cut) a pushpin from an existing set (right-click the pushpin set to get Properties, then Matching) and then paste that clipboard content into the open file by clicking on Edit in upper left corner, then Paste. This will create a new set with a new name which can be changed if you don't like it. If you want to do this on multiple pushpins from the same set, control-click those you want from the Matching list in the set's properties before copying.

So Microsoft guys, this is an area that needs a little work. The newly-enhanced powers of pushpins should be expanded to make managing the pushpins more user-friendly. Make it easier to create pushpin sets, assign default sets, move pushpins around from set to set, etc. Also, it would be a good idea to have a field in the pushpin balloon that says exactly which set it is in.

All of the above is based on not using import and export GPX data sets. There might be an easier way if you go that route.
I kept thinking there was some reason S&T picked a particular pushpin set for new pushpins, I now know there is no way of knowing

Matching Information (address) is always lost trying to copy(cut) to a new S&T file. The only way to preserve Matching Information in a pushpin is by 1 pushpin at a time Properties “Data set name:” and pick pushpin set or new data set

What I have been doing is copy the Matching Information to the line below so the address shows up twice and then a copy(cut) will still show the address information but the Matching Information is now blank. Matching Information cannot be edited or deleted.

The grayed out area “Match record” in the Matching tab of the pushpin set properties. I have never figured out how to make the button available.

Matching Information needs some work on future releases
Is that problem info from older version of S&T could be any help (even if it is not exactly your case):

About pushpin problem with S&T 2009
Originally Posted by bj987
Matching Information needs some work on future releases
Agree. The whole pushpin management thing needs work. Also, the "Properties" pop-up box showing the Matches should be more flexible with respect to its size and the width of the columns. Like many other things in other MSFT apps, the user should be able to drag and resize these things to meet his or her needs.
Ken in Regina
Mostly off topic but it's interesting that in this thread we are discussing how to improve on the way S&T stores such information as address, phone number, etc. and problems with moving it around.

In one of Garmin's online forums we are trying to convince Garmin to make their Mapsource trip planning program store the address and phone number. Right now Mapsource will only allow a name, a category, a comment and nothing else.

So, S&T users, it could always be much worse.

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