Will Streets & Trips work with the built-in GPS receiver in my netbook?
I downloaded the huge trial version of MS Streets & Trips and before actually installing it I would like to make sure of the following:

1) Would this software work with the inner GPS receiver of my Toshiba NB200-122 netbook?
2) I understand that more than 30 European countries are covered. Is Turkey included?

Many thanks in advance for any comments.

Mertol Goksoy
Streets & Trips does not include any European countries. The European version of S&T is called Autoroute. Turkey is not included: Get The Most From AutoRoute

The best way to check if a specific GPS receiver works with Autoroute is to download the 60-day trial and see. Try AutoRoute for Free
Originally Posted by mertolgoksoy
1) Would this software work with the inner GPS receiver of my Toshiba NB200-122 netbook?...
It should. If the receiver records at 4800 bps, you should be alright. AutoRoute works with other built-in GPSs.
Many thanks for the info Taoyue and SpadesFlush. I'll give Autoroute a try.
Marvin Hlavac
Mertol, welcome to the forums. If AutoRoute (or any other mapping software) is unable to communicate with the built-in GPS receiver, try Gpsgate software. It usually helps in these situations.
Many thanks Marvin.

No, Autoroute does not work with the internal GPS. I'll try GPS gate. I just hope it covers Turkey.

Oh I see. It's an application enabling the use of the internal GPS. I thought it was another GPS navigation program. Anyway, it works well.

Many thanks again.

mertolgoksoy said:

Anyway, it works well.
You mean that using gpsgate, you are able to use autoroute now correctly?
It seems it will but I haven't tried it yet. The Autoroute has huge installation files and Turkey is not covered. And my netbook is tiny with a weak processor (single core 1.66 GH). The HDD is 160 GB. I'm concerned that the NB will slow down. Still considering if it's worth it.
Mr Moonlight,

Out of curiosity I reinstalled Autoroute. This time it found the internal GPS without using GPSGate and working wonderfully. If only Turkey were covered, I would definitely purchase MS Autoroute 2010.

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