GPS - WWAN Card for Lenovo X200 Tablet PC
I have recently acquired a new Levnovo X200 Tablet PC and am interested in upgrading it with a WWAN card for mobile broadband on the Verizon network. I know very little about WWAN or GPS, but my web research revealed that Qualcomm Gobi makes WWAN cards (Gobi1000 and Gobi2000) that include GPS.

Does anyone know anything about these Gobi1000 and Gobi2000 cards?
Does anyone have a X200 Tablet with broadband + GPS?
Can you tell me how GPS features work? Is there a way to link GPS to online programs for locating businesses or places of interest?

I want to learn more about GPS and mobile computing.
Congrats on the X200 Tablet! I love the Thinkpads myself and am close to pulling the trigger on the X200 non tablet version. I've been using Garmin Mobile PC since it was offered and was using Co-Pilot before that.

I recently started using my Sprint Overdrive MiFi as a GPS receiver for my X31 Thinkpad. It works without issue and is very comparable to my Deluo Navstick which I had connected to the USB extension cable for better reception. Connection cable is optional on the MiFi of course, otherwise it works excellent via WiFi comm.

I'm not familiar with Verizon, but on Sprint the utility allows you pull up any searches via GPS results in Google Maps, MapQuest, Microsoft(Bing), Yahoo. There are other shortcut searches such as fuel, lodging, etc.
I finally got official confirmation from engineering support at Lenovo/IBM that the GOBI 1000 WWAN module is available as aftermarket accessory and is compatable with the X200 Tablet. Lenovo P/N for this is 57Y4485, with a current online price of $169.00.

I am planning to buy this soon. Anybody know of a cheaper supplier?

I am still curious what the difference is between the GOBI1000 and GOBI2000, but I was told that the GOBI2000 is not compatable with my X200 Tablet.
My X200 Tablet came supplied with an Ericsson F3507g that works fine.

I've used it with both PocketFMS and Microsoft Autoroute 2010 both without problems.

Don't know if that's another option for you?
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