How to print just the route list, without the directions, in Streets & Trips?
I'm using Microsoft Streets and Trips to map out delivery routes. I would like to be able to print just the route list, without all of the directions, to use in a presentation, but I can't find a way to do this.

I would also like to import it to PowerPoint, also for presentations. Any body have any ideas how to do this? I have over 600 pushpins, and would hate to have to type this to Excel or Word. Am I using the wrong software for this application?
You might want to look more closely at MapPoint 2010. It uses the same mapping engine as Streets & Trips but can be closely integrated with other Microsoft programs such as Excel.

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I'm using Microsoft Streets and Trips ...
Which vintage? 2010 has some new features that may help.
I have 2010. edition I can find any info that would just alow me to print the Route list.

Now, you can export the route data (/Data/Export to GPX file) and reformat that file a little bit. Open this newly-created file in MSFT Winword, do a Find and Replace with "<name>" in the Find field and ",^|" in the Replace field. The "^|" expression can be found in the drop-down list under Find Special at the bottom of the Find and Replace pop-up box as "Manual line break." You can do a Replace All which then just zips through the changes. Now, save the file with csv as the file extension (i.e., "test.csv" where "test" is the name of the GPX file you created above). Now, go to Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet and open the file, test.csv.

That will give you a spreadsheet with a fresh line for each stop or pushpin with the first characters being the name of the stop/pushpin. You will need to clean that up by going into each cell and deleting unwanted text. Then, you will have a spreadsheet of names.

I concede this is not exactly all automatic but it is easier than typing it all in. Maybe someone out there can do it even easier.
thanks I will attempt this but somewhat computer challenged . have you had any experience with Map Point some one suggested using that program , but not in the mood to keep spending $$$ to try and find a good soulution
One further thought: to simplify the deletion of unwanted character strings, you can organize the stuff into columns and then just delete the columns of garbage.

To do that, when you open the scv file in your spreadsheet program, specify "<" as the separation character. That is when prompted in the text import box, select "other" and type "<" in box to the right.
No, I am too cheap to buy MapPoint.
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