GPS Alarm Clock and Sunrise / Sunset Calculator
Can someone please suggest either a single free program or two separate programs that include both functions listed below for either a PC or PocketPC that:

1. uses a GPS signal to determine the location and then displays the sunrise and sunset times.

I am primarily interested in sunset time (in all flavours if possible - see below) to be able to determine when we have to start looking for a free camping spot as we drive from Paris to Turkey starting next month.

Standard: The sun sets.
Civil: It gets dark.
Nautical: You can see some stars.
Astronomical: You can see all stars.

The web site below has PC/PPC versions of Ephemeris which calculates sunrise and sunsets times for a manually entered location.

2. can be set to sound an alarm a pre-set time before sunrise or sunset.

The reasons I want this are as listed above and also when we are home we like to get up about 30 minutes before sunrise to go for a walk. This is very important at the moment in Perth because if we don't start our 1.5 hour walk early enough it gets too hot on days like today when it is going to be 37C.

Andrew Watson
Perth, Western Australia About