For 2 years unable to use Mapfactor PC Navigator, no answer on emails
I have been trying to use my Mapfactor PC Navigator Europe, USA & Australia for 2 years, I've emailed numerous times and won't get a proper answer, solution or offer for replacement. Now I've got a new laptop, and tried again to install, but it refuses to let me insta on the new laptop. What can I do?

If I would order the Truck 9 version, do I get a upgrade price?

I have PC Navigator


Dini Zwerver
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dini, welcome to the forums. Not sure about the upgrade policy, someone else may know. But you may want to wait a bit till version 10. A couple of weeks ago I received email from Mapfactor about their upcoming announcement of the new PC Navigator 10 at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany (from March 2nd to March 6th, 2010).
Thanks Marvin, would be nice, although we leave for Morocco soon and I would like to be able to use their maps...... but since it's still not working.... no way we can use it.....
Marvin Hlavac
Try to contact directions.ltd.uk. Let them know the contact on MapFactor doesn't work. See if they can give you better contact email, or if they can help in any way. (Directions LTD is MapFactor's parent company AFAIK.)
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