Business needs to schedule 20 to 30 stops a day. MapPoint or Streets & Trips?
Hello~ New Member here..

I would like to hear your comment before I purchase a product.

I have a business which stops at 20~30 location per day.

Which one do you recommend? Mappoint 2010 or Streets & Trips 2010?

Map Point seems more complicated for my use.

Any comment? or any other product you recommend??

Thanks in Advance!
Ken in Regina
It's pretty hard to make any useful recommendation without knowing what you expect from a navigation program. Do you plan to have a computer in the vehicle and use it for realtime navigation with routing guidance? Or do you just want to be able to create optimized routes and print out driving instructions for the day?

Are they the same 20 to 30 stops every time? If not, how many total places do you have on your list?

Do you already have a big list of addresses on a computer in a text file or spreadsheet that would be handy to import into a navigation program or would you need to enter it all manually from a paper list?

Lots of other considerations that all depend on what you expect and how you want to work with it.

If you are only going to consider Mappoint or Streets&Trips, the simplest thing to do is download the free trial version of Streets&Trips and see if it will do what you need. The trial is fully functional for 60 days. If you discover that it won't do what you need, you can list the additional things you need in here and someone can tell you if Mappoint does them or not.

Thank you for your input 'Ken In Regina'.

Yes I use Garmin as a Navi Tool while I am driving

Like you said, I'd like to plan out Route and print out to driver so they know where they should go.

I have about 600 stops. which some of them are every 2weeks or 3weeks even a month on a regular schedule.

I don't have them on a excel file, but looks like I may have to start working on it.

I wish there is a software where i can work on schedule and route altogether.

Currently I use Microsoft Works Calendar for scheduling the route.
And tried to use Garmin GPS to set the route, but there are so many errors with Garmin Route Function I'd rather have stable software I can rely on.

Basically I have two vehicle goes around in Metro Vancouver BC
Route is always diffrent due to some of them have different time line for pickup service. Therefore, I am doing the scheduling mannually.

Any help?
Ken in Regina
There are some interesting possibilities from simple to complicated. But first I have a couple of questions about the Nuvi issues.

What model Nuvi?

Does it allow you to add Via points to a route? Or do you just go one address at a time from a paper list?

Do you store the addresses in Favorites after you enter them for routing? (E.g. do you already have a bunch of the addresses in the Nuvi's Favorites list?)

Do you have the latest maps?

City Navigator North America or Metroguide Canada? What version?

Is it really doing the routing wrong or is it just having problems finding some of the addresses?

If it's a routing problem, is it something consistent? Or is it just random silliness?

If it's having a problem finding addresses, is it not finding them at all or is it finding them in the wrong location?

If it's in the wrong location, is it blocks away or just the wrong place in the block?

Sorry for all the questions but it helps with suggesting a solution if we understand the problem better. The problems with the Nuvi might end up being the same problems with some other solutions.

OK, ok, may I assume that you would be interested in using Streets & Trips inasmuch as you post your question in the S&T thread? If so, consider this.

I do not know Microsoft Works Calendar but, assuming that it works more or less like Microsoft's Outlook Calendar, you should be able to export the scheduled stops to either a *.csv or *.xls (a spreadsheet) file. You can then import that file using the Data Import wizard on Streets and Trips 2010 and then have S&T calculate an optimized route of those stops.

If you cannot export from Works Calendar, you may have Outlook on your computer and that works.
okbottledepot, I, too, am unsure of what your exact question is.

I use Streets & Trips to schedule my trips and then use a Nuvi 785 to navigate. For example, I completed a recent trip from Denver to Dallas/Fort Worth. The applicable data is:

12 days (4 days travel)
107 stops (Average ~14 a day)
2,343 miles

I could, of course, export the resulting "route" as a GPX file and import it directly into the Nuvi but since this is a one-of trip it would be too time-consuming to delete each of the entries in the Nuvi after use.

In fact, the only problem I have has to do with the "Report" that Streets & Trips produces:

25 pages (including "Summary Statistics")

My "problem' is that only 58 of the 107 stops are included in the "Route Segment Details" portion -- apparently that section of the report is restricted to a single page for some unknown reason.

I could, perhaps, be more helpful if I knew exactly what you are looking for.
My Point...Exactly
Hi OKBottleDepot - With respect to your question MapPoint or Streets and Trips? I suspect that for the particular use that you have described so far - there may not be much difference as far as your business is concerned. The process of importing stops and generating routes for your delivery vehicles is the same whether in MapPoint or Streets and Trips.

While the base functionality is the same, there is certainly more to MapPoint such as ability to EXPORT selected points from the map to an EXCEL file (vice dealing with limits of GPX file export), Powerful data visualization tools, demographic data, and the ability to customize.

However, for the requirements you've spelled out so far - I suspect Streets and Trips would suffice for your needs at this time. You can import your stops, optimize the route, set delivery arrival / departure times as well as expected stop times at the account.

.....I'd like to plan out Route and print out to driver so they know where they should go.
Yes - You can do this in Streets and Trips

I don't have them on a excel file, but looks like I may have to start working on it.
I agree

I wish there is a software where i can work on schedule and route altogether.
Of course there are programs that allow you to work on schedule and route together....I suspect you've looked and found that the problem for smaller fleets is the cost. Roadnet and Roadshow are two solutions that allow 'private' fleets to schedule their runs, and capture important information to help run the operation....but these programs will be in the thousands.

Hope that helps!
I have a little different situation. I get various lists in Excel that can be quite large (over 1000 but usually 2-500). These list are always different. The lists also have an identifier code for each address.

I need to import these lists and optimize the route. Been using Streets and Trips, but it limits to 50 addresses on route and I have to lose the identifier. Any suggestions?

Originally Posted by AshA
...using Streets and Trips, but it limits to 50 addresses on route and I have to lose the identifier. Any suggestions?
Hi AshA,

What do you mean by S&T limits to 50 address on a route? There is no limit - unless I don't understand what you mean.

I did a blog post on this a while back to try to prove there is no such limit.

What is the Max Number of Waypoints for a Route?

Also a related topic: Import addresses into Streets & Trips 2010 with no limits
Thanks! I've been using the old 2008 version. I'll be going shopping tomorrow for the 2010!
Is there a way on S&T or MapPoint to include a name or other identifier to each waypoint?
During the data import whichever column is given the "Name" heading will shown.

Is that what you are asking?
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My Point...Exactly
Don't forget the 'Name 2' field as well. If you put in a second name - it will show up in pushpin header as well as the summary pushpin info when using 'Finding Nearby Places' - Very Useful for many applications!

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geez! How could I have forgotten Name2!!?? I love Name 2!

Thanks Keith for your input.
YES! Thanks guys. Very helpful.
Do you know if those names can be printed on the directions sheet?
My Point...Exactly
Yes! Name1 and Name2 show in direction sheet.

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