Business needs to schedule 20 to 30 stops a day. MapPoint or Streets & Trips?
The data from the Name 2 field will show next right to that for Name 1 in Directions.
Sorry, Keith, I did not see your posting so mine is redundant.
Marvin Hlavac
It's not redundant, repetition is the mother of learning.
Thanks! You guys are great.
I'm not all that computer savvy. You saved me hours of tedious work.

Many thanks for the information posted above it's very informative.

I'm lookinig for exactly the same as the first poster but I'd like to import in the estimated arrival and departure times each stop and then compare it to the calculated one.

Is that possible? It gives you a warning if manually enter the arrival time if it's earlier / later then the system calculated time.

Many thanks
I cannot see any way of importing time data into Streets and Trips although you can export arrival and departure time data by copying the Directions and then pasting them into a spreadsheet. So, perhaps you could adapt your way of working so that you did comparisons on the data of your exported directions spreadsheet.
Correction: You can import time data but only as Text. Therefore, the time data does not influence the routing and is only visible in the balloons of the pushpins.
One further thought.

I do not really understand what you are trying to achieve, Nickyboyc, so these are random stabs in the dark.

However, here is something else that might work for you. If your spreadsheet has arrival time data, you can import that column into Streets & Trips as "Name 2" data. This will then display the time from the spreadsheet after the name of the Driving Directions stop/pushpin after you have computed the route. Although Streets & Trips will not do a comparative calculation, you would be able to visually compare the computed arrival time (by Streets & Trips) to that of your spreadsheet. The spreadsheet time would also appear in the Navigation Pane following the name of the pushpin as you drive and would be spoken by Anna or Sam (if you have that feature turned on). You could then check your watch or dashboard clock to see how you are doing against your projected timing.
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