Low Clearance GPS Data for US Truck & RV Drivers
Has anyone had experience with this software?

Looks like it would be cheap insurance for truckers and RVers if it's accurate.
Marvin Hlavac

It does look nice. If anyone gives it a try, do let us know how accurate the database is.
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I really worry about using that, unless the data base is updated daily. A lot of roads around my area have been repaved, adding anywhere from 2 to 8 inches of thickness to the road.That will close the gap between the deck and bridge. Recently, there was a wreck because of that. The bridge height placard hasn't been replaced in over 40 years. The road had be repaved three times with a higher crown. When measured at the crown the road went from the original 14'6" to now 11'8". I don't know who is responsible for checking and insuring bridge clearances, but I'd like to see clearance signs at one and two mile markers before the exit. Updated regularly. The guys that haul over size would be grateful.
Mandolin Guy
If they're state or federal highways, the clearance should still be a minimum of 13' 6" regardless of the paving.

Regarding your 40 year old bridge, I find it hard to believe that almost three feet of pavement had been added without anyone noticing it. I suspect that somewhere along the line, someone measured wrong.
I would not doubt that at all.
That may be Ben, but it is still a great improvement over the old system, non-system of hit your breaks when you see the sign and pray there is a way around it. Like the time I had a load to deliver my standard 13"6' 53" box in Chicago, my route was detoured for construction and I follow the orange signs to come on a bridge 10"2' in a residential area with great big NO TRUCKS signs on any road I might be able to turn on complete with narrow streets and cars lining both sides or I could back up 4 blocks to the last main road. It took a 3 cop escort to get me out of there, I would much rather have a GPS that told me to ignore the signed detour even if there are a few it still misses About